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Your very last ZGram

Dec 31, 2004

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

It is the last day of the year, early morning, and I am writing my very last Zgram. A cyber tradition that I created ten years ago tomorrow, that I maintained with gritted teeth through happy days and sad, has finally come to an end. What has happened? Nothing, really - except that I have known for quite some time that my Zgrams have outlived their usefulness, and I am calling it quits because I want to redirect my energy and creativity into channels that are more appropriate and useful. For the past ten years, my Zgrams have taken up one-third of my time, conservatively estimated. That includes the tens of thousands of emails I had to read, and many that I had to answer. This was a seven days a week job lasting a decade. That is a big, big chunk of time. I believe I can use my time better, as outlined below. I made that decision already several years ago, but I was persuaded, time and again, to keep going. I think an anniversary like this one is as good a time as any to redirect and to diversify my efforts. Please note and believe me: Nobody made me do this! Nobody could have! No one did! In fact, quite a few people, including my own Prisoner of Conscience, tried to dissuade me from making this move even this time. However, I have now concluded - no more Zgrams in the future. That's it!

You see, the Internet environment has changed. When I started out, there were very few websites from which I could glean Zgram content. Most mainstream newspapers were not yet on-line - news items that were useful to us were few and far between. I had to write a lot of essays, editorials, and op-eds on my own. It was a time-consuming task that took a lot of mental energy - and there was never sufficient financial support. It was a draining, grinding enterprise I largely did on a volunteer basis. But ten years ago, it made sense to do it that way. The Internet was in its infancy. My daily cyber missives provided a lively global thread to diverse friends and comrades by means of an authentic voice. 

To my knowledge, there was not at that time an information service offered anywhere in cyberspace where daily updates of opinions and events were shipped to thousands and thousands in a personalized, purposely chatty, non-threatening format. I decided on that format quite coldly. Except for my dear friend, known as Mackenzie Paine who died in an accident several years ago, there was no one else to do what the two of us did, day after day after day. Many of our friends have chided us, and our foes have sneered at us, for our chatty ways and means and wanted us to be more "scholarly" and "formal." We always resisted, because we saw our contribution to the internet to be a cyber intifada - this long before the term was widely known. When there is war - and we are in a very serious global war against the forces of repression - and you pick up a rock because it is the only weapon that you have against a giant monster, intent on enslaving the world, there is no time to worry if that rock is footnoted or not. That's silly! That we were effective, whereas more structured, stodgy Revisionist websites were not, was due to the fact that even though some of our friends did not appreciate the common-sense, strategic underpinning of our service on behalf of Truth in History, our enemies knew from the start. They understood it all too well. I now speak for myself, for Mackenzie is dead. I still wonder about that so-called "accident." Something similar happened to me that briefly blinded me. 

No revisionist website has been as fiercely attacked as the Zundelsite has been. There were three massive censorship attempts - all happening in 1996. There was the War of the Blue Ribbons in January, with access denied to 1300 websites, initiated by the Simon Wiesenthal Center and their ilk who sent out 2000 letters to Presidents of universities to stop me. Next came the German government attempt to "index" (and thus criminalize) certain articles, and finally the massive "denial of service" attack originating out of Nanaimo, B.C., Canada, home of the opposition Nizkor website underwritten by B'nai Brith, which crippled 3000 websites during the busiest pre-Christmas weekend of that year. Not one of these attacks succeeded!

After that, it was mostly various censorship attempts battled out in the courtrooms of Canada, aided and abetted by a parasitic, so-called Human Rights monstrosity and various governmental flunkies that tried to knock my website off the air. I had a formula that worked. For as long as there's even a shred of Freedom of Speech left in America, the Zundelsite will be a cyber presence as an electronic monument!

I watched attempts by various entities to imitate what I was doing with my Zgrams - C-grams, G-grams, K-grams; even, briefly, White House grams. None lasted, because it is a grind to send a fresh and lively missive, day by day and week by week, for months, for years, for an entire decade! It takes enormous dedication and singleness of purpose. That I stuck to my Zgrams under fire is something I am proud of - it is now part of cyber history and will be remembered by those who are truly committed to freedom of speech. Then why quit now? Because the information I dispensed as novelty in years gone by is now at everybody's fingertips. My service is no longer needed. Search engines work splendidly; websites have become sophisticated; friends have found friends and comrades have discovered comrades by the score that band together by interest; what I am doing is no longer novel. It is old hat. Magnificent news services send you the news and editorial content tailored to any interest level and political persuasion imaginable. Anybody with a keyboard and a mouse can find his websites of choice and get on list serves in three seconds. I do not want to stick to horse and buggy when people nowadays ride rockets to the stars. I have done what I could do, when it was meaningful and timely, and now I want to move on and do something else. So please believe me when I tell you that I am not relinquishing my Zgrams under censorship fire. Absolutely on the contrary: I want to reclaim that block of time, so far devoted to my Zgrams, to do something more targeted. I have not wearied of the struggle. Don't even think for a moment that something inside me has changed, and that I have either fatigued or been made to abandon my work. Not so! I am refocusing. Not in the least am I abandoning my prime - right now my only! - cause to free Ernst Zundel from the clutches of the Lying Lobby that kidnapped him almost two years ago. I'll get him back to Tennessee. Trust me!

What is more meaningful for me at this stage in our struggle? There are various projects I have had to set aside for years, but that I nursed inside myself, always hoping for more time, for adequate financial sponsorship, for the right moment not taken up by so much trivia generated by that flood of mail that came in response to my Zgrams.

----- I want to work on passionate Revisionist documentaries that are aimed at the heart, at emotions. I want to help create and market "our Hollywood." We don't need the historical cud chewed for us with idiocies like Schindler's List. How about "Rebel of the Spirit"?

----- We desperately need our mainstream lines of marketable revisionist products. A start has already been made with "Letters from Cell # 7" and various artistic and/or political sketches out of Ernst's lonely cell. Watch out for a genuine, gagged Nutcracker Zundel - in prison garb and all, replete with soldier's cap that says THINK! Now there is your collectible!

----- I want to sort and order by priority all that raw electronic footage Ernst has accumulated in decades of his often lonely search for Truth in History. We have hundreds of splendid video masters and several thousands of audios, just waiting to be mined! As my very own Christmas present, I have already purchased the editing equipment and put it right under my tree!

----- I want to cultivate and make our struggle known to ethnically receptive enclaves of decent kith and kin strewn over the planet who shy away from us, not knowing who we really are and what we really stand for. I worked in grant writing, fund-raising, public speaking and public relations for years; I have an idea or two. 

----- I need to update and sharpen the Zundelsite and make it more timely and topical, something that I could not do for years because of lack of time. As a priority, I want to showcase magnificent translations, mostly in German, I have collected but never had the time or opportunity to make available.

----- I want to reach out to the younger crowd -students, young parents who home-school their kids. They need curricula. A trial run is already planned in two months at a major Midwest university. We'll use that event as a springboard -

And, finally, it is time for spring-cleaning as well. We are people of taste and discernment; we do not need to imitate our foes. Wait and watch how I will systematically turf out the smutty language and shoddy, self-destructive ways of interaction in our ranks. We need to hold the friendly fire and not shoot off at the mouth all the time. I know I speak in generalities, but they will be translated into consumer goods that feed our Aryan soul. We are a people unlike other people - and by that I don't mean only Germans. We need to work on an identity that is, in essence, European. I feel a very deep, abiding personal commitment to that Cause. I have worked out within myself a very focused vision, which is the reason I am broadening my reach and changing the thrust of my message. I estimate that by retiring my Zgrams, I will have freed, as I already said, about one-third of my time and doubled my energy output. I know I won't do this alone; I have reliable old friends as well as an ever-growing circle of new, enthusiastic supporters - and, best of all, I know I have the support and enthusiasm of my own comrade-in-captivity who shares my vision and my dream. We have discussed practical aspects for years and have already laid the groundwork. I will still keep my media and political contact list. It will be used as needed. If you would like to be on that list, you will have to tell me personally and give me some time to put you on that list, because I will have to manually subscribe you. My regular email, irimland@zundelsite.org may not be all that reliable - it seems to be an email still at the mercy of our friendly censors. If it doesn't work for you, try irimland@bellsouth.net or irimland@mail.bellsouth.net

And now I wish you a very focused, productive New Year that will do our Revisionist Pioneer in Captivity proud.

Signing off with my last Zgram greeting - NO SURRENDER!

Ingrid Rimland Zundel, Ed.D.

===== ===== =====

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