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"The Monkey Trial of Canada" - continued!

July 28 2004

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny

I have been waiting for the rest of this report regarding the latest Zundel hearing from Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Free Speech Association, but Paul is on the road a lot, as we all are - so I'll just send you what I have, in addition to what Ernst told me.

Paul first:


TORONTO. July 27, 2004. It was high noon. Dressed in a light gray suit, a white shirt, a cream coloured vest and cream tie, Canada's most famous free speech lawyer was finally summoned to the witness stand. Most of the morning at the hearing for political prisoner Ernst Zundel was consumed by Crown attempts to prevent or limit the testimony of the Battling Barrister from Victoria who had been German dissident Zundel's lawyer for 18 years, until December, 2003, when family illness called him back home.

The tall lawyer strode to the witness stand. Would he swear or affirm, he was asked. Indicating that he would swear his oath to tell the truth, Mr. Christie was handed a book. It was the Moslem Koran.

"I want a Bible," he said. The request had to be repeated. A somewhat flummoxed Judge Pierre Blais eventually had to send to the judges' chambers to locate a copy of the Christian book which is sacred to the vast majority of Canadians.

Before swearing, Mr. Christie, a conservative Catholic, opened the leather-covered black book and briefly examined it to make certain it was the Christian Bible.

In calling Doug Christie as a witness, Mr. Zundel's new defence lawyer Peter Lindsay made one of the most dramatic moves in free speech trials since defence lawyer Clarence Darrow called assistant prosecuting attorney William Jennings Bryan to the witness stand in the famous 1926 Monkey Trial in Tennessee.

Mr. Christie began his testimony by emphatically explaining that Mr. Zundel had rejected violence and condemned people who involved themselves in violence.

Such tactics are utterly counterproductive, Mr. Christie, quoted Mr. Zundel as warning. "Mr. Zundel repeatedly said that every good White man should behave like a noble person," Mr. Christie testified. --

Paul Fromm

(more to come later)


From what Ernst said to me last night, I infer that it looks like the anticipated September 16 deportation has been averted or postponed once more. No hearing on bail has been held, even though Ernst was entitled to that hearing, and even though we had fully expected another shameful judicial gyration denying bail. If the poor Arabs, who have been in detention much longer than Ernst, don't get bail, is he going to be the exception? Also, the second day of hearing was canceled - and, as I remember it, will now be held on August 9th.

Media was plentiful this time. Was something dramatic expected - and derailed by Doug Christie on the stand?

Ernst also said - and this needs to go on the record - that the judge made quite an overt effort stating that he wanted to get to the bottom of CSIS's suspected involvement in the parcel bomb that was sent to the Zundel-Haus in 1995, chiding the government lawyers for not cooperating in producing the elusive witness, the petty thief/turned CSIS agent/turned anti-CSIS snitch/turned Catholic teacher, John Farrell, who was the main informant for the Mitrovica book, Covert Entry, implicating CSIS for at least having foreknowledge that the bomb was on the way via Canadian Air with some 300 passengers aboard.

Ernst believes that the judicial/government strategy is now to lean on Farrell to recant the information given to Mitrovica so as to whitewash CSIS. If the Zundel defense succeeds in getting Farrell on the stand, and Farrell says, squirming, he made it all up, it lets CSIS off the hook to dig deeper. Farrell's job, in other words, will now be to deliver the whitewash.

I wouldn't want to be in his shoes, if he doesn't deliver the goods!

Ernst also said something I wish I had taped because of the way he expressed it. I know that the impact of his words will be lost in my recalling it, but the gist of it was that he feels utterly at peace with what has been accomplished with this latest martyrdom, because it served a cosmic purpose. Three Zundel submission to the Supreme Court challenging the Marxist New World Order tactics are now pending.

He said that these three documents were written with passion and emotion by competent, committed lawyers, and that these documents, thanks to the Internet where they will be posted before long, will be true icons for the historical record. He said that since it seems to have been his fate, once more, symbolically speaking, to hold the enemies' toes to the fire by documenting their misdeeds for all the world to see, he feels that these three documents will have accomplished that.

He said that he feels he accounted himself well and was up to the challenge against very great odds.

He said that if Western society, at least in Canada and, by extension, the United States that pimped for the Holocaust Lobby in cooperating in his arrest, is THAT indifferent to what is happening judicially that they don't choose to see how the New World Order will take over their own world by setting precedents, he has no business any more in Canada staying and fighting this battle.

With an utterly calm voice, he said, he is content to go to Germany to finish what will be his task to complete.

It was quite a speech, delivered hesitatingly but with an almost deadly calm, and I am not doing it justice by giving it my voice. Ernst also said what I have heard before: That past injustices and cruelties inflicted on the planet demand to be avenged, because the Universe is out of kilter, and it can't right itself until the past has been avenged.

He did not say that he was advocating it. He only said it was a given, that it was written thus in cosmic language, and so it was going to happen.


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