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Prominent Revisionist speaker at Kiev Conference


June 15, 2005

To all media and Zundelsite friends:

This is an extremely important write-up about the state of Revisionism, sent to me by the Shamir listserve. Please place prominently - world-wide!


We continue to publish materials of Kiev conference with this talk by Serge Thion, an eminent French historian and orientalist. Thion was an important French intellectual of the left when he entered the holocaust controversy; he was besmirched, lost his job, was marginalized. But he still works; on a personal level, he is the most pleasant of the Revisionist scholars, and a strong representative of the Left wing in this movement.

Some people connect him with the unique site AAARGH . This world, like your car wheel, has to be balanced; and the abundance of Jewish triumphalist sites calls for some voices less enamored with Jews. And I do not mean the objective sites who try to create the balance in their own presentation, like Counterpunch, Antiwar or even JewishTribalReview. This site is constantly under attack. Fortunately two mirrors sites exist and are still active:

http://vho.org/aaargh and http://aaargh.com.mx

here is a short article which explains the situation:

Eight associations attack ISP's (Internet service providers)

by Catherine COROLLER

Is the pionneer deniers' site AAARGH living its last moments ? Eight associations (1) would like to believe it is. They have araigned in court, on emergency procedure, US providers of this site, ant the main French Internet access providers. (2)

Their hope in grounded in the new law, called "Trust in the Digital Economy", passed in June 2004. The law says that the judge migh order any kind of measure to stop the damage caused by the content of an online communication service.

Antijewish hate.

In a nutshell, the US providers being out of reach, the judge may impose upon the French access providers a filter that would forbid the French user to access the concerned Internet URL's.

If the eight associations are aiming at AAARGH (Association of Ancient Amateurs of War and Holocaust Tales) it is because their site, founded in 1996, active in eight languages, is "known and aknowledged as one of the most powerful transmitter of antijewish hate on the Internet."

Its declared aim is to show that "there was no homicidal massive gassings in the German concentration camps during the nazi periode".

Internet users may download freely 230 negationist books and pamphlets, including the works of Robert Faurisson or Jean Plantin, issues of the Akribeia journal, Bagatelles pour un massacre, by Louis-Ferdinand Celine, or Les D�combres, by Lucien Rebatet, described as "the most famous book among all those which were published during WW II" [All these books are more or less banned or their publication forbidden in today's France. trsl.]


Does AAARGH feel threatened ? One of its two URLs does not function. The second one does and the publisher of the site, whose identity nobody knows, has started a third one. This successive moves raise the question of the efficiency of filters. Although the Movement against Racism and for the Friendship Among People (Mrap) joined the seven organizations in the action, Gerard Kerforn, member of the politburo, has expressed his doubts : �There will be a race. These people will migrate ceaselessly.� Marc Knobel, chairman of I accuse, is conscious about the risk, but he takes the responsability: �We'll pursue them as long as needed.�

Audience in court on Monday 14 march.

(1) Union of the Jewish Students of France, SOS Racism, I accuse... International Action for Justice, French League for the Defense of Human and Citisen's Rights, Movement against Racism and for the Friendship Among People, Memory 2000, Union od the Auschwitz Deportees, The Central [Jewish] Consistory.

(2) France Telecom (Wanadoo), Free, AOL France, Tiscali Access, Neuf (nine) Telecom, Tele2 France, Suez Lyonnaise Telecom, T-Online France, Numericable, GIP Renater (A school community network).

Lib�ration 8 mars 2005


And now - his Kiev talk:


by Serge Thion

There are not many places on the surface of this planet where a group of scholars coming from various countries can speak freely about Zionism. Durban, four years ago, had been such a place but the meeting was not a scholarly one. Some of our revisionist friends tried to organize in Beirut, some years ago, a conference on �Revisionism and Zionism�, but at the request of the Israeli state, the US put a pressure on the Lebanese government and threatened to kill a fifteen-million dollars loan. The conference did not take place. So, we appreciate the opportunity to meet and talk together, and we express our gratitude to the organizers.

The Holocaust revisionist movement is certainly well-known by all of you. But we have been particularly unsuccessful in raising an interest for it in the territories covered by the former Soviet Union. In many conversations with people there, we always get more or less the same response: �The Jews are lying? No big news. We've known it all along�. We believe this is not the adequate answer. There is more to it.

The Holocaust revisionist study of the events of WWII started soon after the Nuremberg International Military Trial which ended in 1946. The transcripts were published very soon after the trial, though not in Russian as it was supposed to be. Several observers, of various political persuasions, started to read closely the transcripts and the documents, forty-two volumes as a whole, with a critical mind. They found a lot of discrepancies and impossibilities. All along, for instance, the Katyn massacre was consistently attributed to the Germans. Testimonies were vague, or contradictory, and often difficult to believe. These observers started to write and their works were labelled �revisionist�. Of course, criticizing the official line on the �victory� of the Allies was politically forbidden. These authors, the most prominent of them being the Frenchman Paul Rassinier, met, all of them, long prosecutions, heavy fines, interdiction of books and political diffamation. The story would be too long to be told here.

At the beginning, the Nuremberg explanation fo Nazism and WWII was a compromise between the USA, the UK and the USSR. Each partner had introduced its own dose of war propaganda. The Soviets had established an enormous propaganda system, which was run mostly by Soviet Jews, like Il'ia Ehrenburg and Vasilij Grossman and others. The British had their own special unit designed to invent war stories depicting the Germans as ghoulish barbarians. Compared to these giants, Nazi propaganda was simplistic and inefficient.

At Nuremberg, confronted with the war stories concocted by the Allied propaganda offices, the Nazi officials looked bewildered, shaken into disbelief. But, having no access to the mass of German documents used by the Allied prosecutors, very often German Jews emigrated in the US, the Naszi officials, or most of them, gave up any resistance, did not contest the so-called documents put to them, the pictures and the movies. They kept silent and were silently disposed of.

So, for the next fifteen years after the War, the Revisionist fight was directed against the Allied official version of what happened during the War. Then a new factor intervened. The Israeli Prime Minister Ben Gourion was rather skeptical about the possibilities of survival of the Jewish State, established in lucky circumstances in 1948. But would the luck remain as the odds were piling up? Ben Gourion ordered Eichmann to be abducted from Argentina and brought into Israel for a big show-trial, a kind of re-enactment of Nuremberg but at the exclusive service of the Zionist ideology. The same carefully selected documents and the same vague testimonies were produced in court, in front of the world press. The ultimate weapon of the survival of Israel was forged there, in 1961 : the guilt attributed to all non-Jewish people, non-Jewish States and organizations. All of them had to pay reparation and retribution, for ever, till the end of ages.

As a result, the revisionist fight was submitted to a change in nature : its foremost adversary became the Zionist establishment and its manifold network of organizations. Moreover, the Zionists had no alternative : they expected nothing from the benevolence of Western opinion and they had lost the support of the Eastern block. They were bound to acquire some kind of world dominance just to warrant the existence of the Zionist statelet, rejected by everyone in the Middle East. Armed with the weapon of the guilt complex, they started to overcome all resistance and impose silence on their critiques. They had a very large measure of influence on the press; they slowly conquered positions of control in the Western political systems, particularly inside the US power structure.

The Holocaust revisionists, a mere handful of individuals, never formed a group or an organization. They never had any power, nor any money, nor connections, but they succeeded by the sheer weight of their labours to make serious inroads and to penetrate the Zionist defense system, creating a havoc in the public opinion. Demonstrating that the so-called Holocaust was rather a �holy cost� threatened the political basis on which Zionism was operating. In Europe, lobbies succeeded in obtaining new laws severely curtailing the freedom of the press.

The two main weapons used by the Zionists were demonization by the media, and long, exhausting trials. The free expression of Revisionsm has been saved purely by chance, thanks to the development of the Internet. As early as 1995 - ten years ago -a revisionist website was established in the US, the CODOH by Bradley Smith. In 1996, the Zundelsite was created at the same time as AAARGH, the mostly French-speaking website. Others followed. This was a fantastic development. So far, revisionist literature was difficult to find, published by small groups in faraway countries, often as a side-activity. For the first time, the basic texts and demonstrations written by revisionist researchers could be seen and read by millions of readers world-wide.

The Zionist started to howl. Their only response was to label all revisionist efforts as antisemitic, extreme-right and whitewashing Hitler. This propaganda barrage has been particularly unefficient.

A new war has started. Worming their way into the political system of national states, Zionist organizations tried to obtain laws protecting the sacrosanct identity of the so-called Holocaust. In 2000, the Isrraeli government sent a high-powered mission to all western governments to request from them new measures in order to annihilate Revisionism, described by the Israelis as the worst threat to their existence. As a result, a large government conference was held in Stockholm, where all major European governments, East and West, committed themselves to repress revisionism and promote the so-called Jewish Holocaust as the supreme god of modern times.

There was something funny and even ridiculous to think that all the most powerful people of our times were assembled to denounce in lyrical terms the painstacking labours of a handful of people coming from various countries and stemming from various political viewpoints. We, the handful, counscious of having done our homework, waited for the repressive wave to come. It came.

In the US, in Germany, in Switzerland, in Sweden, in France, large police operations were mounted to disrupt the circulation of Revisionist ideas. Many people were thrown in jail, sometimes for years. Trials, persecutions followed, unabated. People were thrown out of their jobs.

In the meantime, thanks to the efforts of a tiny number of people, Revisionism was introduced in the Middle East. It ran like a prairie fire. The former communist philosopher, once a friend of Stalin, Roger Garaudy, now converted to Islam, was heavily fined in Paris for a book containing Revisionist arguments. This book was immediately translated into Arabic and published in many places. It opened the door to the understanding of revisionist arguments. Most media now in the Muslim world carry a Revisionist point of view. This, we can easily be checked with the translations provided by the Israeli military office called �Memri�. This explains why the mood in Israel is so gloomy.

But, as far as the countries which were once part of the Soviet Union, the situation could be described as one of benign passivity. Local Zionist organizations in Russia, in Ukraine, in Rumania, have obtained new laws punishing �incitement to racial hatred�, a code-name for everything that displeases the Israeli embassy or the local Jewish organizations, heavily founded by US Jewish organizations. And of course, they would like us to believe that Revisionism - a critical view of some historical events - has anything to do with race.

Some important texts exist. They have been printed and are visible on the Internet, in the languages of the former Soviet Union. This is certainly not large enough to provide complete understanding of our elaborate work.

Kiev, June 3rd, 2005

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