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We are asking for Amnesty International

June 4, 2003

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny: Now more than ever!

I have been so busy I have had to shelve even extremely important business regarding Ernst Zundel's unlawful incarceration to the back-burner - one of them being the unpleasant task of taking on Amnesty International in a systematic way for their refusal to step in and at the very least investigate the illegal kidnapping and holding-in-detention of my husband.

As a non-profit outfit, taking membership money, this global organization, Amnesty International, is not supposed to let itself be shamefully politicized - and this is one of the areas we are looking into to see of grassroots action can be applied. Besides, it's not exactly attractive to see such a well-known "relief" agency dive for their fig leaf the moment they spot a "Holocaust Denier" who might need some protection from self-serving pressure groups as well.

The second strategy, of course, will be to marshal protest demonstrations in front of their headquarters - in as many countries as we can!

Particularly the Canadian AI has blatantly sided with Canada's freedom-of-speech oppressors by continually talking out of both sides of their mouths - but doing absolutely nothing. They ship a canned reply to every protest letter - and that's all! In fact, they have pre-judged Ernst Zundel to be guilty of "hate crimes" and meriting deportation to Germany when even a cursory investigation would have told them that he was never charged, much less convicted, in either Canada or the US of "hate crimes" where he has spent practically all of his adult life and where all his responsible (!) non-violent (!) activism took place.

AI will have some explaining to do to its members - and its potential members!

This morning I received some very interesting information from one of my eagle-eyed cyber monitors. We have had the following visitors to the Zundelsite from May 29, 2003 to June 3, 2003:

Amnesty International: (US branch) May 29, 9:45 am
US Navy: May 29, 1:47pm
Anti-Defamation League (ADL): May 29, 1:56pm
Justice Canada (justice.gc.ca) May 29, 10am
Parliament of Canada (parl.gc.ca) May 29, 10:30 am (They listened to the unedited CSIS interview as well as checking about 50 other documents!)
Justice Canada (justice.gc.ca) May 30, 11:52 am
Justice Canada (justice.gc.ca) June 2, 11:04 am
Parliament of Canada (parl.gc.ca) June 2, 2:40 pm
Justice Canada (justice.gc.ca) June 3, 11am
Amnesty.De (Amnesty International Germany) June 3, 11:27am
Government of the Yukon - June 3, 12:30pm

So you see, your letters to the government and media have an effect! Please don't let up! Just cite the facts:

That Ernst was legally in the United States, being married to a US citizen, that his papers were being legally processed, that he never received any official notice that his application for residence had been "abandoned", that he was arrested without a signed arrest warrant, that he was thrown into Maximum Detention like a common criminal, that he is now barred from coming back to the United States for 20 (!) years - and that he is in imminent danger of being deported to Germany where lifelong incarceration is a very strong possibility due to Germany's Orwellian censorship laws.

Be polite. Be brief. Show class. And send me a copy so I can preserve it in our archives.

For today, please write to the following branches of Amnesty International in their respective countries - and ask them to intercede for Ernst Zundel at headquarters, lest they will have have some explaining to do to their membership why they let themselves be either cowed or politicized by a vociferous special interest lobby group in Canada.

Here is that list:

Write to Canada's Immigration Minister and complain over the unfair treatment Ernst Zündel has received.

Immigration Minister Denis Coderre
House of Commons 
Parliament Buildings 
Ottawa, Ontario 
K1A 0A6

Telephone: (613) 995-6108

Fax: (613) 995-9755

Email: Coderre.D@parl.gc.ca


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