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Complete text of the ruling of Justice Blais on the reasonableness of the Security Certificate (PDF Format - Feb 26, 2005)

Zundel Complaint to the United Nation Human Rights Committee against the State of Canada (Jan 7, 2005)

Ernst Zundel sues Ottawa over imprisonment (November 27, 2004)

Zundel's Pleadings for Nov. 23 Appeal (November 11, 2004)

An order staying the Security Certificate Review herein conducted under Court File No. DES-2-03 before the Honourable Mr. Justice Blais pending the outcome of an appeal from the order of Justice Blais dated September 24, 2004 dismissing Mr. Zundel's motion for recusal on the grounds of a reasonable apprehension of bias - October 14, 2004

Amended Notice of Motion calling on Mr. Justice Pierre Blais to recuse (remove) himself from the Zundel case for a reasonable apprehension of bias. - Sept 27, 2004

Ruling by Justice Pierre Blais to continue detention of Ernst Zundel - September 22, 2004

Factum to Ontario Court of Appeal [habeas corpus motion] (May, 2004) 

 Bias Motion against Justice Blais (Dec, 2003) 

Decision from Justice Blais on his bias (Dec 22, 2003)

Factum (Defense arguments) presented by Zundel defense team on Habeas Corpus motion (Nov, 2003 - 60 pages)

Decision of Senior Justice Mary Lou Benotto on habeas corpus ad subjiciendum motion filed by Ernst Zundel (Nov 25, 2003 - 7 pages)

Unclassified report from the Canadian Security "Intelligence" Service (CSIS) prepared for the Security Certificate [Section 77(1)] (43 Pages)

Unclassified report from the Canadian Security "Intelligence" Service (CSIS) prepared for Ernst Zündel's bail hearing (13 Pages)

Notice from Zündel's lawyer Doug Christie to challenge the constitutionality of the certificate [Section 77(1)] plus response from Government's lawyer, David MacIntosh (5 pages)

 The actual "Security Certificate" [Section 77(1)] and Warrant for Arrest and Detention of Ernst Zündel, signed by the Ministers Responsible (3 Pages)

Federal Court ruling allowing for secret hearings in the Zündel case, signed by Justice Pierre Blais (2 pages)



The Persecution of Ernst Zündel

Rally during the First Holocaust Trial.  The signs are even more applicable today

Ernst Zündel with Canadian Free Speech Lawyer Doug Christie

Ernst Zündel surrounded by transcripts from the Second Great Holocaust Trial.  All this just for questioning certain aspects of the Holocaust

Who is Ernst Zündel? Why is he loved by so many - and equally demonized and vilified by others? Get to know the one-man powerhouse Revisionist who has dedicated his life to clearing Germany of the blood libel of the "Holocaust".

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Revisionism 201 for Holocaust Skeptics

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