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Wiesenthalers beg German authorities to 'suspend' their arrest warrant for Zundel

March 5, 2003

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny: Now more than ever!

Our first victory came when we drove the CTV poll off the air after it went past 45% on behalf of fair justice for Ernst. The second victory came right on its heels when the CNN poll fared just as well in our favor - again it was pulled when it almost reached 50%.

And now this!

For the third time in just a few days we have mobilized decent folks on the Net to help us speak out and, so at least we hope, begin to rectify the brutal injustice of Ernst Zundel's arrest at the behest of the Holocaust Lobby.

Before anything else, let me thank those of you who signed the petition I asked you to sign in yesterday's ZGram. We are at almost 1,000 signatures, at which point we will download the petition and send it to the powers-that-be. Once again, we have beaten our enemies by our quick action. ONLY TODAY did the Canadian Wiesenthalers get around to putting up a petition of their own!


There is a new development of which I only learned today. But before I comment on the two amazing Wiesenthal pieces below, please take note of the attachment. It is an email list of major media, free speech organizations, columnists, first amendment groups, individual conservative writers and activists. It took me days to compile that list, and I urge you to use it with discretion. By that I mean - don't spam! Use it judiciously! One small chunk at a time! :)

What should you write? I have a few suggestions. Compose a brief expos� of how American INS officials and law enforcement people were USED by nefarious powers to act as hit squads to kidnap a politically incorrect activist under the guise of the flimsiest of excuses - a "missed" INS interview and "overstaying his visa"!

Include the following:

_______ Neither Ernst nor I were allowed to call an attorney when Ernst was told five officials had come to arrest him -

_______ Ernst was taken away in handcuffs and thrown into maximum detention even though it was called a "civil" arrest - that is, without an arrest warrant -

_______ Upon deportation to Canada, Ernst was handed an order by INS officials barring him for 20 (!) years from the US -

_______ Now Ernst is still languishing in maximum security in Canada, facing a warmed-over charge of being a "security risk to Canada"- a country where he has lived for 42 years as a scrupulously law-abiding citizen.

And who is bringing the charge? A sort of Canadian Mossad called CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) - a civilian spy agency that had full knowledge of a parcel bomb sent to assassinate Ernst in 1995. (!)

How did CSIS know that a parcel bomb was in the mail?

Why did CSIS not see fit to warn not only Ernst but passengers on Canada Air carrying this parcel bomb?

Why did CSIS not warn postal workers who handled the parcel? CSIS DID warn their own undercover agent - does that not tell us something?

Ask media to follow this story. Ask interested persons to read up on it and inform themselves on how "legal" power can be abused.

Use your own words. Do make it brief, and be courteous. Tell them where to read up on the story:

http://www.rense.com/general35/update.htm or at www.zundelsite.org

Let the world know that Zundel friends are classy people who believe in the power of Truth. Tell them where to find the Truth as we discovered it. A Zundel supporter put it succinctly: "The USA has become a country where the criminals arrest honest people for pointing out their crimes."


Now to a new development that, frankly, mystifies me. After having spent years, even decades, trying to get Ernst deported to Germany where he would face long incarceration for challenging the orthodox Holocaust yarn, what do the people with a rubberband conscience now do? They advocate that Germany "suspend" the arrest warrant!

What do you say to that? Do they just want to ship him there - and then do one of their switcheroos and shriek that Germany should throw Ernst in the slammer?

Here are two letters I pulled from the Canadian Wiesenthal web page. I don't know about you, but to me they spell fear of what Ernst will reveal once again if he is handed yet another battle in yet another court - either in Canada or, worse for our enemies, in Germany.

Of all the ironies: After they brutally caused him to be kidnapped, they don't know what to do with him. Tar baby all over again - the more that they struggle, the "stucker" they get!.

Read on! Marvel at their Talmudic gyrations! Watch them twist in the media hurricane that is of their own making - and hold your breath at what might well come next!


March, 2003

The Honourable Martin Cauchon Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada 284 Wellington Street Ottawa, ON K1A 0H8

The Honourable Denis Coderre, P.C., M.P. Citizenship and Immigration Canada K1A 1L1

Dear Ministers;

On February 20, 2003 I sent you a letter in which I emphasized that Mr. Zundel not be given the opportunity to cause racial discord in Canada.

However, before he could be sent out of Canada, Mr. Zundel was able to file an application, seeking asylum from German justice. This was most unfortunate, as we all know the legal manoeuvring which could result in a protracted stay in Canada by Mr. Zundel.

Even the attempt to have him declared a security risk carries with it the possibility of lengthy court battles.

Each of these options; whether it be an asylum hearing or a security enquiry, increases the likelihood of him arguing that his "political / social" views and freedom of expression are being stunted. Media coverage will be intense and will give Mr. Zundel a golden opportunity to further expound his beliefs, thereby allowing him to commit the very effrontery that Canada and Germany are hoping to prevent.

With that in mind, I wrote to the German Ambassador to Canada (see attached letter), suggesting that Germany suspend any legal action against Mr. Zundel for his past misdeeds. The end result is that there would be no legal basis for a refugee / asylum hearing and no necessity for a national security court case. Indeed, he wouldn't even qualify to stay in Canada upon humanitarian grounds.

Mr. Zundel, being otherwise ineligible to enter Canada, could easily then be expelled to wherever he would be legally admitted, whether that be Germany or elsewhere.

After writing to the German Ambassador, I was able to secure a meeting with a top official in the Embassy. I was advised that our proposal had already been sent to the proper authorities in Berlin. Furthermore, after discussing the matter at length and explaining the reasoning behind it, I was assured that this would be given serious consideration. As well, it was believed that a similar request from Canada would give this suggestion much-needed impetus.

Mr. Ministers, the last thing that anybody (except Mr. Zundel) wants is a protracted, media-hyped series of court appearances which serve to publicize Mr. Zundel. Neither Canada nor Germany ought to squander precious resources on Mr. Zundel. I believe that the same result (the expulsion of Mr. Zundel from Canada) can be achieved in the manner I suggested in my letter to the German Ambassador.

As I pointed out, the sweetest justice would be to show Mr. Zundel a form of mercy that leaves his future in his hands, rather than allowing him to become a self-styled martyr for his cause.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Delay only plays into Mr. Zundel's hands.

Yours truly,

Leo Adler 
Director of National Affairs 
Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies


February 26, 2003

His Excellency, Dr. Christian Pauls, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Canada, 1 Waverley Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0T8

Dear Mr. Ambassador;

I am certain that the name Ernst Zundel is quite familiar to you.

I am equally certain that you are aware of Mr. Zundel s claim that he ought to be granted asylum in Canada because of (now quite old) allegations that are outstanding against him in Germany.

Needless to say, Mr. Zundel s arguments are patently specious and we are confident that they will be shown to be so at any refugee or asylum hearing that he may have before Canada's Tribunals.

That, though, is precisely the problem.

Mr. Zundel aims to use our judicial system to thwart Germany s judicial system. The fact that (we believe) he will ultimately fail does not, however, solve this quandary.

The issue, as we see it, is, how do we prevent Mr. Zundel from abusing our courts and how can we stop him from using them as a platform to spew his philosophy and thereby attract even more attention to him and his cause?

The answer, I believe, rests within your nation's grasp.

If Germany were to announce that they would suspend any legal prosecutions or actions that Mr. Zundel currently faces for his past activities, then there would be no foundation for his claim for asylum and he would be obliged to go to Germany.

Mr. Ambassador, Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies and all Canadians have a deep regard for Germany s legal system. But we also believe that German justice has the ability to be not only just and compassionate, but also innovative and inventive.

Therefore, while Germany s decision would open the way for Mr. Zundel s return to Germany, we are confident that your country can easily enforce your laws, if need be. Once there, as long as Mr. Zundel obeys the law, he would remain a free man. If he chooses to break the law then, of course, like anyone else, he could be prosecuted for what he now does. Thus, Mr. Zundel would be completely responsible for whatever happens to him in the future.

We are asking you to forward this letter to the Federal Minister of Justice. Her quick announcement that Germany will not prosecute Mr. Zundel for past misdeeds will succeed in simultaneously depriving Mr. Zundel of an opportunity to exploit the present situation, while highlighting the ingenuity and flexibility of Germany s justice system.

Mr. Ambassador, I will call you shortly to discuss this matter further. I also look forward to the opportunity to meet with you in order to assure you that our 40,000 members believe that the sweetest justice would be to show Mr. Zundel a form of mercy that leaves his future in his hands, rather than allowing him to become a self-styled martyr for his cause.

Yours truly,

Leo Adler 
Director of National Affairs 
Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies


(Source: http://www.wiesenthal.com/social/press/pet1.cfm?petid=61)


What can I say? How sweet it is!

Let's keep at it and at it and at it and publicize this bizarre story just as loudly as we can!



Ernst Zündel Defence Fund

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