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Prisoner of Conscience Letter # 75

May 13, 2004

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny

Another side you get to see in this one of the multi-faceted and controversial Mr. Zundel:


Thanks for the two letters of March 26 & 28 and the enclosures, especially the color brochures. I have sent them on to a friend to make me some black and white copies in order to send to others. Pictures do indeed save a thousand pencil stubs. Ha!

We should honor those who trod this earth plane before us, those who made the ultimate sacrifice to the living by dying for them to guarantee their race's survival! This concept is now only dimly comprehended, because it certainly does not jive with the rules by which a hedonistic consumer oriented society conducts itself. Sacrifice and idealism to them are concepts for fools and romantics. The callous want to live!

Most of those around us have bought into our enemies' guiding principles of situational ethics, like Ingo Hasselbach - "Fuhrer X" - a psychopathic young German with a keen sense of utterly selfish survival, violent, inconsiderate, a former leftist rebelling against all around him, only out to satisfy his own whims of the moment, to gratify immediately the cravings of his miserable, fractured self. I met him once for all of five to seven minutes, in [someone's] office, where he had come to visit and get some books and videos to show his friends in Berlin's East, shortly after the wall came down in 1989 - 1990.

Hasselbach was the small-time East German/Communist version of a street gang leader. He was out to aggravate hypocritical, calcified, fossilized East German Stalinist remnants. He and his friends would tweak them; these young people got a real charge out of seeing those old geezers go ballistic when they saw a tall, blond and handsome young male shout �Heil Hitler!"

The number of people who have burst out of their well deserved anonymity and irrelevance in life, merely by shouting the �Reichswort", is enormous. They know these two words will bring them instant attention from the authorities and the police. Say "Heil Hitler" - and you have put yourself on the map.

Just so you know where I am coming from: I am a forward-looking, health-conscious man. I want to build, to create, to help shape a society out of the remnants of a once great civilization, a society of Spartans of the Spirit. In my opinion, each person, each generation encompasses several components that link it directly to its immediate past, which is moored in the more distant past. It is not that I am stuck in the past. It is simply my acceptance of the fact that I am a living link in a long, long chain going back hundreds of thousands of years, I dare say, even millions of years on planet earth and - I believe this also firmly - on other planets, even beyond our little, very limited solar system!

Lat year, the magazine Scientific American had a very good article in it about "Multi-Verses" - a collection of Universes - where the humans and the earth conditions are repeated, projectable by mathematical possibilities dozens of times, maybe even an infinite number of times! With all my very real and all too obvious limitations, I believe in an unobstructed and unlimited "Multi-Verse" - a collection of uncountable Universes.

It staggers the mind; it is overwhelming, awesome, beautiful, even eerie. It is almost too much to bear for finite, limited earth minds to perceive - this idea that there may be millions of earths. So you do not have to worry that I will take myself out of the cosmic struggle and get bogged down digging for bones in the steppes of Russia; I will not! But I will, hopefully, honor my name once again, by being the spark that ignites the flame, to keep this fire alive - so that the torch can be passed on, hopefully to hundreds of thousands of young people, Germans, Russians and others of our race, by the humble act of saving the bones of the fallen, and ensuring that they receive a proper, respectable burial. It is the only civilized thing to do!

Most of the German and, even more so, Soviet burials were conducted without coffins. Usually the bodies were wrapped in a blanket or tent triangle, which each German was supposed to carry so that he could get together with a couple of comrades and pitch a tent to keep the snow, wind and rain out. This means that the military units we have looked at could be hard to discern under a meter of earth. There won't be a great deal of metal or other solid objects for the ground penetrating radar [GPR] to reflect off of. The biggest surfaces we might expect would be very small, i.e. nails from hobnailed boots, some pelvic bones, etc.

Because many of these graves will accommodate more than one soldier, this will mean that perhaps hundreds of bodies will be neatly lined side by side in rows in those graves. The front line realities of that fratricidal war - not Hollywood's version - were gruesome at best, and the front line was constantly shifting. I think that we have to continue searching for different technology, as the GPR is a little iffy.

The German Organization for War Graves, which has done this work since 1945 and to which my poor mother, in her abject poverty, always made some small contribution, has the job of exhuming, transferring and registering these unfortunate victims of war. Unfortunately, they are under-funded and under-staffed. It was an official of that organization in Monte Cassino who told me the macabre secret of all those young men being killed on their birthdays in Italy after getting some bottles of wine from the front line commissary - a custom that was soon stopped when it was found that the "liquid courage" inspired by this wine was leading to a tremendous number of deaths.

How massive a job this still is, this finding of war graves! The magnitude of it might be seen in the fact that the German government just bought and built a massive enclosure around an old Russian Orthodox church near Leningrad, which had once served as the location of a German field hospital during the siege of Leningrad in 1941 and after. The area is suspected to have at least 80,000 graves, so far they have discovered 20,000 - and in only that area!

At Stalingrad, the Germans lost between 330,000 and 350,000 men, 90,000 of which went into captivity � of which only 6000 returned! Yes, about 7% survived the Soviet Gulag after ten years! In Siberian camps the death rate was appalling! American survival rates for GIs in German custody was 98.4%! As you know, GI survival rates in Japanese custody were far less.

I went to Stalingrad and toured the battle site. My guide, a slant-eyed "Kalmuck", who spoke superb German, told me that 30-50 miles from the center of Stalingrad, there were still hundreds of thousands of barely buried bodies, either on the surface or barely below, with many a femur or shoulder blade bleaching in the blistering sun of the Russian Steppes. When I was there in August of 1994, it was so hot that I may have as well been in Death Valley.

This entire area needs to be carefully surveyed and mapped. There are many other battle sites too, which contain innumerable unregistered gravesites, i.e. in the Crimea leading to Sebastopol, the Kursk Salient. Horrible losses there!

I have been actively pushing for a determined solution/resolution of this duty of honor toward the dead that we, the living, must take on. I have always been keenly aware that I am only alive because these millions of men sacrificed themselves to hold back that wave of monsters from the bowels of distant Asia. My father, whose job it was to pick up the badly wounded with his ambulance trains told me vivid stories of what it was like at the front when he had to go with his crew to clear out a field hospital. That made me into a hater of war - and a man very, very leery of any military solution to political problems. When everything is factored in, one can see that WWII was hardly a solution!


Write to Canada's Prime Minister and complain over the unfair treatment Ernst Zündel has received.

Prime Minister Paul Martin
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