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May 19, 2004

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny

We have many unsung heroes in our midst who don't get nearly enough praise and recognition for what they do in helping to free Ernst Zundel. I am constantly touched by the esteem and affection they profess for a man who has been systematically demonized for decades.

One such hero is Ron Gostick of the Canadian Intelligence Service - NOT to be confused with that Stalinist atrocity that calls itself Canadian Security Intelligence Service, CSIS in short. Ron has been an activist on behalf of a responsible, conservative Canada for decades - possibly for half a century! Untiringly!

I met Ron only once in 1996 in Canada where I was invited to do the keynote for the George Orwell Award dinner. That in itself was quite an experience! An award was to be given for Excellence in Freedom of Speech - and like criminals we had to meet by secret codes in one place on a deserted parking lot, then on the sly be guided to another place across some back roads, up a hill where the dinner was to take place - all this to avoid Canada's censors!

I have never forgotten that searing experience!

Ron Gostick was there, as part of the audience, and after I finished my speech, he came up to me, nearly in tears, tried to say something but could not get it over his trembling lips, and merely ended up hugging me. Hard! I did not know then who he was - how important he had been to Canada. Since then I found out that he is one of Canada's last stalwarts trying to protect what is still left of Canada's freedom.

Here is a little secret, and I doubt that he'll mind that I am telling it: I have been told that for a long, long time Ron Gostick had his reservations about Zundel. He went by what the media said. All that has changed. Few in Canada's huge citizenry have been as frank and as forward as Ron, trying not only to bring relief to Ernst, but to protect the country that he loves from its rapacious destroyers.

Ron Gostick, you are truly one in untold millions!

The May/June issue of his publication has just come out, and the supplementary section is exclusively devoted to Ernst Zundel. I shall quote from it below, even though I have a feeling I may have already published part of this letter somewhere, since I get archival copies of Ernst's letters from all over the world:


Canada's Prisoner of Conscience writes from prison cell By Ron Gostick

Saturday, April 24 [Ernst's birthday]:

Since sending all the material and Letter to the printer's for our May/June issue, a further insightful document has reached us respecting the Ernst Zundel case, which we have covered in our recent reports, and which I feel should be drawn to your attention immediately. Consequently, this unprecedented 4th supplementary section.

Our readers, who have been following this incredible story, already know that Mr. Zundel has been incarcerated for about 16 months, most of it in the Toronto West Detention Centre - as yet without any specific charge but merely on the strength of a political "Ministerial Certificate" alleging that he is possibly a threat to Canadian security! And we have already reported on the horrible, subhuman conditions, including almost non-sustainable food rations and deprivation of his regimen of vitamins and herbs with which for years he has been battling cancer, as well as the long series of "kangaroo court" appearances inflicted upon him, where truth is no defence and he can't cross-examine those individuals or groups who are feeding the judge and prosecution the stories and allegations against him.

And we do know from the public record of this prisoner of conscience that he resided in Canada for over 40 years with no criminal record whatsoever; that he is a pacifist and his alleged "crime" by those promoting his persecution is being politically incorrect respecting some aspects of WWII casualties.

Yesterday I received by post a letter from Mr. Zundel, handwritten with pencil in his prison cell, dated 16-4-04, which gives one a picture of this poor, demonized - yet brave and majestic - prisoner's mental balance and perspicacity after long months of satanic deprivation, stress, and psychological intimidation.

Following is his letter.

Dear Friend Gostick:

It's Friday, I was in court on the 13th and 14th of April again, and I just wanted to give you a quick update on the way I perceive things after those two days.

The Judge heard more secret evidence last week in Ottawa and this week in Toronto before the proceedings started. It's more than eerie, when one is told that at the outset of a court date, because invariably it means that more accusations will have been made to the Judge, and more, possibly concocted, fabricated, but in any case unopposed and untested by the defense testimony and documents have been given to the judge, which I and my lawyers have no way of even guessing what it might be.

I would have to know someone like Edgar Cayce, America's most famous somnambulist known as the "Sleeping Prophet" to even have a remote chance to divine as to what the Jewish side and their minions in government and the bureaucracy have fed to the poor Judge last week and this week in the form of lies, poison and innuendo.

You talk about Star Chamber proceedings - and that in the world of the globe-girdling Internet! To listen to the absolutely convoluted objections, and the explanations of that poor Judge who has to defend the government's indefensible position is a very sobering and very sorry sight!

The way I see it:

The Zundel team, backed by its valiant band of dedicated helpers, and many little contributions from largely pensioners of the WWII generation, has clawed its way up the ladder, rung by rung, in the judicial bureaucracy. Imagine how much money has been spent by the Canadian oligarchy, since 1968 at least, to get me - all because I, in fact, blew the whistle on the likes of Trudeau, Marchant, Pelletier, Laurendeau, Chretien, and Andre Quellet taking over the moribund, decrepit Liberal Party in the 1960s!

I was, of course, a young, innocent, na�ve, idealistic German immigrant who believed that I had equal rights, and that I therefore expected and demanded equal access to the political process. Brother, did I have a rude awakening!

Once they denied me citizenship - without giving me a reason why - I knew that there was an oligarchy in place that would see to it that outsiders muscling in would suffer short shrift. The rest of my life in Canada has basically demonstrated that fact of political life in Canada.

There has been, in fact, a vendetta against me, the outsider, since I upset them by making it to the Liberal Convention as an accredited Dark Horse candidate. Their pursuit of me has been relentless and has culminated in my present situation. I wanted you and your many supporters, who have been so generous in spirit and financially, to know that this is what happened to me.

I am not aware of one single, solitary thing I ever said, advocated or did in my almost 45 years in this country that could be considered disloyal to Canada and its people. If there had been even a hint of disloyalty, real danger, or criminality, I would have been dragged into court decades ago, for no man has been as observed and scrutinized, has had his mail opened and his phones and faxes bugged as I have.

I have lived under court-imposed gag orders - the Globe and Mail called it "the most sweeping gag order ever " issued against a Canadian resident - after my 1985 trial. I have been under bail orders for over ten years in the 1980s and early 1990s. I have had to register my every move out of the province with the Provincial Attorney General, tell him in writing where I would be going, where I would be staying, when I would be leaving, and when I would be returning. Exactly what Stalin imposed on his citizens during his reign of terror!

Soon all this will be coming to an end. If the Canadian Supreme Court does not put an end to these clear violations of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and afford me, the dissident - a lifelong, peaceful, non-violent, non-criminal dissident, I want to stress! - its constitutional protections, then these protections exist on paper only. If the Canadian judicial system, the politician, and the media - in short, if Canada's elite fails me, they fail themselves, because once I have been railroaded out of this country under these abominable laws, nobody in Canada with any original, dissident thought in politics, history, even the sciences, will be safe from persecution and the accusation that he or she is a terrorist � and Canada will walk across the threshold to a Police-Intelligence Agency and Judicial Dictatorship seen only in the old Soviet Union in modern times.

Although Communism may have disappeared in the former Soviet Union, it is alive and virulent in the halls and corridors of power! Its adherents do not wear Red Stars on their baseball caps or T-shirts. They wear Gucci loafers and Pierre Cardin suits and carry law degrees in their attach� cases. They are more dangerous to the citizens, institutions and traditions of this country than a whole army of thugs and criminals carrying Uzzi machine guns!

My heart bleeds for this country - a country of infinite promise, unbelievable wealth and endless opportunity! We, the now living baby boomer generation, have failed Canada! What we are bequeathing to our children and grandchildren is a crime-ridden society, drowning in debt - a debt which, in effect, amounts to perpetual slavery.

May history record that I, Ernst Zundel, together with my valiant band of supporters, tried to stem this tide, this slide into oblivion!

Thank you, my friends! If I had to do it all over again, I would do it again - only better, wiser, more passionately!

Ernst Zundel, in prison.


Ron Gostick's concluding comments:

"Well, that certainly confirms Mr. Zundel's contention that for years he has been a victim of a deliberate and orchestrated diabolical vendetta. Yet, through all of this, and a ruthless kidnapping-style of arrest and abduction, a forced deportation followed by nearly 16 months of solitary confinement under abominable conditions - after all this, do we find a bitter man full of anger and rage? Indeed we do not! Rather, we find a 64-year-old prisoner of conscience, quiet, gentle and of simple grace, deep composure and at peace with himself and his Creator. A man of deep insight, understanding and mental clarity. Indeed, he sums up the essence of our present-day conditions in Canada far more realistically than do our politicians, our judiciary or present-day historians! A man who feels sorrow for the judge who has to administer and inflict such absurd and cruel injustice on him!

"The truth is: Ernst Zundel is no security risk to our country. He is incarcerated because a certain influential minority group wants him incarcerated or otherwise eliminated. The tragedy and shame is that our government, in the name of Canada, has become both an accomplice and the executor of this vile criminal act.



Note: This 4-page report has been sent to all MPs and senators, to over 600 Canadian newspapers, to the newsrooms of all English language television and radio stations in Canada, and to all universities and colleges - with a short personal note! Any financial help in this mailing project would be appreciated.

Ron Gostick, Publisher. 
Canadian Intelligence Publications 
Box 338 
Flesherton, ON 
N0C 1E0 

Write to Canada's Prime Minister and complain over the unfair treatment Ernst Zündel has received.

Prime Minister Paul Martin
House of Commons 
Parliament Buildings 
Ottawa, Ontario 
K1A 0A6

Telephone: (613) 992-4211

Fax: (613) 941-6900

Email: Martin.P@parl.gc.ca


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