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The Persecution of Ernst Zündel

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Do not miss this week�s 'American Dissident Voices' broadcast. Free-speech activist Ernst Zündel has been deported from the United States to Canada, his adopted home of 42 years. His traditional enemies are now agitating for his immediate deportation to Germany, where he would be greeted by the political police and the prospect of a lengthy stay in a German prison, for the crime of defending his people�s honour.

Canadians owe Ernst Zündel a debt of gratitude, due to his tireless defense of freedom of speech in Canada. That debt must now be repaid in full. Listen to the broadcast, ensure that others listen to it as well, and do your part to ensure that Ernst Zündel remains a free man.

An Interview with Mark Weber by Kevin Alfred Strom 'American Dissident Voices' Broadcast of February 22, 2003

Listen to the broadcast via Real Audio http://www.natvan.com/internet-radio/ts/022203.ram

Read the text of the broadcast http://www.natvan.com/pub/022203.txt

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Ernst Zundel back in Canada. 

Who is Ernst Zündel? Why is he loved by so many - and equally demonized and vilified by others? Get to know the one-man powerhouse Revisionist who has dedicated his life to clearing Germany of the blood libel of the "Holocaust".

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