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Oct 4, 2004

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny

Today I am going to make it easy on myself - just sending you a couple of links to a new batch of Zundel sketches and an excerpt from Ernst's book about the difficulty of producing these sketches. By now, I have close to 100 of them, precious collectors' items.

We are NOT selling these sketches over the Internet - we are giving away COPIES of them for any donation of $ 20 or more. These sketches are the backbone of our fundraising efforts to pay for the horrendous legal costs to fight for Ernst's freedom - now well past $ 250,000, with the meter still running!

If you are on the other side - I KNOW I have some enemies on my Zgram list - you will be comforted to know that the Canadian taxpayer is footing the bill for keeping Ernst in prison and, if possible, keep him imprisoned for life.

The previous, early sketches, now moved to the back on the Zundelsite, were quite primitive because the guards at the Detention Center, apparently under the direction of a Chosenite, were making life as difficult as possible for Ernst. Below is one sample of A Raid in a Day of Ernst Zundel, copied from Ernst's book, "Setting the Record Straight." ($10 plus postage, depending on where you live.)

But before you start reading, please take a look - and be patient if your computer is slow:

Political sketches:


More or less romantic sketches:


For Zundel Watchers who ARE true-blue friends - and more are finding us every day - here is an address where you may send your contribution to help in this enormous struggle:

Ingrid Rimland 3152 Parkway, Suite 13, PMB 109 Pigeon Forge, TN 37863 USA

I bid you good-bye for today. Let me just say that things ARE happening. Where they will lead, only the oracle knows.


A Raid in a Day of Ernst Zundel

Doug Christie [Defense Attorney] called me yesterday morning with one of these always frustrating conference calls-lots of technical snafus! He was scheduled to have a three-way conference between himself, the government prosecutor MacIntosh, and Judge Blais. Cosmic static all around! There really has to be something going on cosmically or psychically in this [cursed] situation. I have never ever in all my long years of litigation faced this kind of a thing! Ever! Not at the worst of times!

Doug said he would one more time raise the issue of no pillow, no sheets, no highlighter, pens, post-it notes, also no chair, and infrequent "fresh air" allotments. He called me back, said the judge wanted written submissions on the issue of whether he was prejudiced. Then he would announce his decision on September 23rd if he stayed on the case or not.

More suspense! More costs incurred by Doug!

About my inconveniences, Doug said that at first the judge hemmed and hawwed, but then apparently must have talked to MacIntosh, who promised to talk to some high-ranking official in a provincial ministry. Imagine our judge, a former Cabinet minister, having to get together with Canada's highest Nazi war crimes prosecutor to get your husband a pillow-after months and months in this prison!

That's how it was left.

I was slightly skeptical about this cornucopia of goodies and amelioration to come. What I had not told you before, in order not to upset you, is this: Those padded sheets I have been sleeping on since May 16, 2003 have not been changed in three months and ten days! They do better in Tajikistan or Outer Slobovia! Also, the prison doctor had promised to "prescribe" a pillow for me because of the rib cage discomfort, which he thought might be "acid reflux." He also prescribed two arm wrist supports to help with the pain in my arms. He thought it might be carpal tunnel syndrome.

The gadgets arrived and sat for two weeks in the guards' office until some older, experienced guard saw the packages and an order by the doctor to give them to me to put on during the night. He brought them. I tried them on. They fit and seemed to help. However, the night shift guards, for some reason, are not all that cooperative. They definitely don't want to bend down to lift the lid on my plastic bin to retrieve these gizmos in the morning and give them back to me at night.

I asked. I was simply ignored by the guard. He did not want to hear my request, even though he was writing something down on my chart by the door. When I repeated my request, he shook his head in an annoyed way, as if to shoo away some fly. No carpal tunnel relief that night! So just because the doctor prescribes something does not mean the prisoner gets the benefit!

By three o'clock, the hall outside my cell was abuzz with activity. Lots of guards! Captains! The captain who was the first to welcome me here in a Blount County prison style came into my cell, ordered me out into the hall, told me, "We are going to get you a pillow, some sheets, more regular fresh air, showers etc. -but first the guards are going to search your cell and take out a few things..."

What he was talking about were all those styrofoam cups in which I mix my Dr. Lorraine Day Liquid Diet-12 cups of very thinned-down apple juice or orange juice to "flavor" the fluoridated liquid, which I have a real problem drinking down each day. Dr. Day had said to me on the phone that this would help to get my blood pressure down naturally by thinning my blood. I had already started that regimen in the Thorold prison. There, the guards and security chiefs looked at that line-up of cups in my sink resembling urine samples, shook their heads, laughed-and that was that! Well, not so yesterday!

This efficient captain told me sternly, after I explained to him the reasons for the cups and the water juice diet, that it was against regulations to "self-medicate," that I was a hazard to myself, and that only treatment prescribed by the prison doctor and medical staff were allowed to inmates. Out into the garbage went all my carefully saved styrofoam cups, along with spare juice containers I use to mix up my magic potion for the evening. Everything went-either down the drain or into the garbage!

I had made myself some cardboard writing surfaces on my table. They were all ripped up! Into the garbage they went! All my pencils, too, which I kept organized in little plastic cups in which we get pudding or apple sauce. I had washed these out, dried them and sorted all my pencils according to color and kind. Soft pencils were in one container, those horrible hard prison pencils in another. A third container held the dull ones, which I would give to the guards to sharpen to make things easier for them, since they have to walk down the hall to do that.

Now the guards were told to tip all of them in a pile on the table, and I was told by the captain that he was only going to permit a very limited number because, according to him, these pencil stubs, many of them no more than 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches long, present a "safety hazard" to the staff!

I was also told to sift all my court documents again. I will be allowed to keep only a very limited number in my cell because they present a "fire hazard," although there is no smoking allowed and not one electric outlet in the entire cell. I spent all last night until the lights were turned off trying to bring order into that mess on my bed and table, to once again put like with like and see what I might need in court and what I can do without.

So there you have it. I had to give up my water diet, most of my pencils, most of my correspondence, and many documents and books, some of which you so kindly sent me. I want history to record the lunacy of all this one day! We would need Melvin Belli as a lawyer and the strength of the Israeli Lobby to overcome institutional bias and inertia!

Imagine, my sweetheart-your husband being reduced to having to explain to you all this trivial stuff while civilization hangs at the brink of collapse!


===== ===== =====

Setting the Record Straight: Letters from Cell # 7
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Help free Ernst Zundel, Prisoner of Conscience. His prison sketches - now on-line and highly popular - help pay for his defence. Take a look - and tell a friend.


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