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Community News: A Special Zundel Issue

Sept 21, 2003

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Some weeks ago I received a request to write an article for Community News, a California paper based in the Sacramento area and published by Walter Mueller, author of the cyber Patriot Letter. I said that I would, but never heard anything else about the request again - and, frankly, I was glad, because I am so overwhelmed with work I simply did not have the concentration needed or the extra time for truly quality writing.

But I knew that a special issue was in the making - and today I received a call from a fellow revisionist who left a message, pride trembling in his voice, that the special issue was finished - and a copy for me was in the mail.

Below are additional details - and I urge all of you to order your own copies, especially since, incredibly, they will be sent to you for free! You can help to do your part to spread the word about Ernst - who he is, why he is targeted by our enemies, and what it all means to our struggle. Hopefully, it will bring us additional supporters, for I am now in charge of making sure that seven (!) attorneys working on getting Ernst released will also get paid as they should - four in Canada, and three in the US. Additionally, I am running a series of full page ads in America and, soon, in Germany and in Japan. An extensive full page ad, uncensored (!), has already been published in Zavtra, the most widely read paper by politicians in the former Eastern bloc, I am told.

Order as many as you like - but please order ONLY as many as you think you can distribute. It costs money to print up a large run, and it would not be fair to drain the Sacramento group of their resources if the issues get mailed and then not get used as they should.

Here is the write-up about the special Zundel issue:


Dear Fellow Patriot!

It was about 1:30 in the morning when we had finished the envelopes to mail Community News. I had plenty of time to read it again and Dr. Toeben probably remembers the German saying: "Eigenlob Stinkt" (selfpraise stinks). Nevertheless, it is an awesome issue. It is also in most likelihood the most comprehensive story ever told about Ernst Zuendel by so many renowned revisionists. We just talked about freedom of speech in yesterdays Patriot Letter. This issue of Community News is a great testimony of what I was saying yesterday. It will also be a historic issue. We mailed it this late morning to all of our subscribers and prepared the packages for those who have asked for more than just one issue. It is an emotional roller-coaster about the life of Ernst Zuendel.

The people brought together in this issue of Community News have had all personal experience and a friendship with Ernst Zuendel. All of the commentaries or essays are well written and a testimony of how much Ernst Zuendel means to the revisionist movement.

There are two pieces though that I think are absolutely incredibly written and are my favorite. I've read them over and over again.

One has been exclusively written for us by IHR Director and Zuendel spokesperson Mark Weber. His piece is entitled "Who is Ernst Zuendel and why is he in jail?" Mr. Weber writes about the events surrounding Zuendel's imprisonment in a factual and understandable way. He gives a background of Ernst Zuendel, so no one gets lost or confused. Many people don't know that Mr. Weber, as the spokesperson for the Zuendels, has been on many radio stations and has been interviewed by many newspapers. Just last week he was again on the Dissident Voice with host Kevin Strom, talking about Ernst Zuendel and advertising this special issue of Community News. Mr. Weber's respect and reputation around the world are impeccable. I have seen many of his commentaries, articles and essays, and they are excellent. Once you have read the Ernst Zuendel piece in Community News, you'll know what I am talking about.

The second piece in the special issue was written by Dr. Frederick Toeben and it is entitled: "Ernst Zuendel - A man of destiny" and it is just as incredible. I haven't really read a lot yet of Dr. Toeben's writings, I have heard him speak a few times, but, if all of his writings are like the piece he did for Community News, I have missed a great deal of good reading. Dr. Toeben managed to put all the things into the article that makes it worth reading. I think what fascinated me most on Dr. Toeben's piece was that he knows, he's been there, he himself has spent 7 months in prison. So he speaks from his own experience. Besides, I like the guy. He is unconventional and not arrogant, can handle people and runs the best website on the Internet. When I say that, of course I mean for people like me and the revisionists. I spend sometimes an hour just going through his site, laughing out loud over the sense of humor he displays and I mean literally, when I say display. Not too long ago he had an animated 30 second or less video spot of two penguins, one passing the other one and getting slapped in the back, falling into the water, over and over again. But enough complimentaries. In short, Mr. Weber's and Mr. Toeben's pieces are the heart of the Zuendel issue.

Combined with the other articles, you got an outstanding combination of everything you ever wanted to know about Ernst Zuendel. There is Harvey Taylor, our assistant editor and friend of Ernst Zuendel; Paul Fromm, who has our utmost respect for all of the work he's done for Ernst Zuendel. His article is a horrible insight of the treatment of Ernst Zuendel by the Canadian government. Dr. Bob Countess and his brisk and defining protest of the Zuendel arrest.

Something for the intellectual, written by Apollonian, clear and decisive. And then there is the people's man, Stan Hess, the voice of "the hood." Short and awesome. And, of course, Ernst Zuendel himself, with a letter from prison.

Two small commentaries of support by the great revisionist from France, Dr. Robert Faurisson, and from Denmark, Dr. Christian Lindtner.

All in all, if you miss this issue, you miss a lot.

Let me remind you again. We do not charge for copies that you are distributing. We feel that your volunteer work is enough for us. We even pay for the mailing. Whether you want just two, 20, 100 or a thousand. All you have to do is spread them around.


You may order your copies to be distributed by writing to thetruthisback@yahoo.com

The address for snail mail is:

Community News PO Box 191677 Sacramento, CA 95819

Write to Canada's Immigration Minister and complain over the unfair treatment Ernst Zündel has received.

Immigration Minister Denis Coderre
House of Commons 
Parliament Buildings 
Ottawa, Ontario 
K1A 0A6

Telephone: (613) 995-6108

Fax: (613) 995-9755

Email: Coderre.D@parl.gc.ca


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