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Find out the real truth behind the Security Intelligence Review Committee's (SIRC) report entited "The Heritage Front Affair".
Throughout the SIRC report you will see pictures like this:

  • Droegeor Lincoln

These are links to the specific part of the named persons affidavit.

                "The Truth Will Set You Free"


SIRC Report
A report to the Solicitor General
December 9th, 1995

Affidavits of people mentioned in the SIRC report. All these legal documents were written to correct falsehoods in the SIRC report.

  • Wolfgang Droege
    • One of three co-founders of the Heritage Front. Has been a leader, organisor and media spokesman for the organization since the Heritage Front's inception. Worked closely with Grant Bristow and was in almost daily contact with him. Ran for Scarborough City Council on the Heritage Front philosophy, gathering 14% of the votes cast.
  • Gerry Lincoln
    • One of three co-founders of the Heritage Front and the corresponding secretary of the organization. Prepares press releases, contacts Government agencies etc. Has been the editor of the Heritage Front publication "Up Front" since its inception. Was a close associate and still considers himself a friend of Grant Bristow.
  • Max French
    • Long-time Heritage Front member and political activist. Attended most Heritage Front meetings. Participated in trips, court appearances and demonstrations. Ran for mayor of Scarborough under the Heritage Front banner. Gathered 3% of the vote.
  • June French
    • Political activist and Heritage Front supporter. Used to do the Heritage Front Hot-Line. Ran for mayor of East York, gathering 3% of the votes cast.
  • Marc Lemire
    • Political activist. Heritage Front associate. Operated an independent hotline and electronic bulletin board. Knew Bristow well.
  • Eric Fischer
  • Wayne Elliott
    • Political activist and early Heritage Front supporter. Frequently met Bristow.
  • Donna Elliott
    • Politically interested. Was an early Heritage Front supporter. Frequently met Bristow.
  • Tyrone Mason
    • Former Heritage Front member and political activist. Involved in security functions of the Heritage Front. Worked with Bristow and Fischer.
  • Ernst Zundel
    • Not a member of the Heritage Front. Guest speaker at several of the Heritage Front functions. Met Bristow numerous times.
  • Barbara Kulaszka
    • Member of the Zündel legal team during his two Holocaust trials in 1984 and 1988.