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The Dachau Massacre

The German guards murdered at Dachau by the Americans in their mafia-style, St. Valentine's Day Massacre machine-gunning were previously wounded and exhausted veterans from the Eastern Front. These ethnic Germans and Hungarian army soldiers in German uniforms had fought communism with deeds, not words, and had been transferred to Dachau only days before their murder at the hands of the Americans, so whatever one might accuse the Germans of doing at Dachau, these murdered men had no part in it!

American soldiers, under the command of a U.S. Army officer, and some of the communist inmates whom the G.I.'s armed, in clear violation of their own rules of warfare, murdered 560 innocent men in cold blood, deliberatly, cruelly, with malice and forethought. When the crime came to light, the man in charge, General George S. Patton, ordered all evidence, like reports, photographic negatives, films, etc. brought to him, he put it all damning evidence in a metal wastepaper basket and with his own lighter set it on fire and in the presence of his officers said "Gentlemen, this incident is now closed". The only evidence of this beastly U.S. war crime, which survived are the incriminating 'souvenir' photo's reprinted in COL. Howard A. Buechner book, "Dachau - The hour of the Avenger". Dr. Buechner was the cheif medical officer of his division and was present during the murders, the photo's were taken by someone who was proud of this wholesale butchery of these innocent Germans.

Even today, the Seventh U.S. Army still covers up this war crime and lies to it's own officers about what really happened on that so-called "Day of liberation"of Dachau. (See page 382 of the Seventh United States Army, Report of Operations, Vol. 3)

To compound this crime, the Americans put Germans of all ages into squalid, disease-ridden camps as a token of Allied 'liberation'. [Also see Allied Concentration Camps] Sadistic torturers in U.S. Army uniforms, with names such as ******** under American command once again showed the defeated Germans the painful reality of 'American' style justice. A congressional investigation into these outrages revealed, beating, raping, hooding, starving, driving burning matches under the fingernails of prisoners and inflicting other forms of torture too obscene to mention here.

These American torturers had so thoroughly beaten their German victims, that virtually every man they had 'interrogated' had had his testicles smashed by kicking in the groin repeatedly and all were mutilated beyond recovery in the process. Then these Germans victims of the American 'liberators' and 'defenders of democracy' were put on show-trials in Allied kangaroo courts, where they were accused of phony atrocities, only yards away from the blood-soaked walls where criminals in American uniform had been committing real atrocities.

Here is the American war crime in progress.
The men still standing are German medics from the medical barracks pictured behind. The butcher kneeling down on the machine gun is 1st Lt. Jack Bushyhead, an American Indian.


First they killed them!
(See bashed in head of man on right. Notice brain on ground)


Then they robbed them!
(See German soldier on left, holding a rosary in his hand)


This is the murderer, 1st Lt. Jack Bushyhead!
Obviously, the murder of 560 Germans didn't bother him


Howard Buechner ....Ralph Rosa ........Robert Kimsey

(Left) Col. Howard A. Buechner, author and witness number 1 to this U.S. war crime. He took 41 years to clear his troubled conscience. He revealed this dastardly crime - against the express wishes of his former superior officers.

(Middle) U.S. Medic Ralph Rosa. Holder of the silver star. Witness number 2.

(Right) Lt. Robert H. Kimsey. Assistant Battalion Surgeon. Holder of the Silver Star. Witness number 3.

Lt. Col. Felix L. Sparks
The "liberator" of Dachau. Sparks was commanding officer of the 3rd Battalion, 157th Infantry Regiment, on April 29, 1945 in charge of U.S. forces who committed this war crime.
If Sparks had been a German, he would have been tried by the Americans in a show trial, tortured, and publicly executed. He never faced even a court marshal, and lives in the United States today untroubled by his conscience. In 1956, the governor of Colorado appointed him to the position of Justice of the State Supreme Court.

All pictures from
Col. Howard A. Buechner's [Medical Corps, A.U.S. (Ret.)] book,
"Dachau - The hour of the Avenger"