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Birth to 1960's

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Also see: Part 2 - 1960s to 1995 | and Part 3 - 1995 to Present

Ernst's parents on their wedding day

Ernst in the arms of his proud father - 1939

Ernst's parents in 1944
(his father served as a medic on the Eastern Front during the war)

The Zündel family - 1944
(Ernst at age 5)

The 400-year-old Zündel homestead where Ernst grew up

Renovated by Ernst's younger brother in later years

The "Leiterwagen" used in Ernst's childhood to pick up wood and food

Apple cider barrels in the cellar

Herbal teas collected from the meadows

The "modernized" outhouse
Childhood memories of medieval utensils, pots made from wood

The idyllic path Ernst took up the mountain for the first 17 years of his life

The schoolhouse where Ernst learned the three R's

Attending trade school age 14

Ernst in trade school - 1954

A boyhood friend "Ato"

Graduation from graphics arts trade school - 1956

The magic Black Forest of Ernst's youtgh

A Warriors Monument in the village

Ernst as a commercial artist - 1958 Germany

Leaving Germany - August 21, 1958

The "William Ruys" with Ernst on board heading for Canada - Aug, 1958

October 1958 after arriving in Toronto

1958 - another Jimmy Dean?

At work at his first job in Canada

First marriage to Janick, a French-Canadian girl - 1959

A brand new baby - 1960

Also see: Part 2 - 1960s to 1995 | and Part 3 - 1995 to Present

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