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Part 3 - 1995 to approx. 2000

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Also see: Part 1 - Birth to 1960's | and Part 2 - 1960s to 1995

Meeting reporters leaving Toronto Jail - 1987

Solving the 6 million riddle with Fred Leuchter, Dr. Faurisson, Ditlieb Felderer, - 1988

Zündel with friends during trial

Zündel with brilliant Canadian Defense Attornety, Doug Christie

Explaining trial strategy to his friends

Victory party after 1988 trial

Ernst at his fathers grave - 1991

Ernst Zundel with German Attorney, Jürgen Rieger

Signing guest book after a visit of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C

Mother Zundel and her eldest son - 1991, the last time they saw one another in Germany

Victory in Auschwitz - Removal of plaques dedicated to the lie of the "4 million victims"

Checking out the crematory in Auschwitz

Zündel in Paris, reportinhg for his television programs

Zündel buried behind trial transcripts, all over the booklet he is holding, still asking "Did Six Million Really Die?"

Ernst Zundel 1993 - still trying to make a living despite business sabotage

Truth must be told - Shipping Revisionist books to the world after Supreme Court Victory - 1993

Jewish protest demonstration outside Zündel's home - 1994

Zündel meets Zhirinovsky, a Russian nationalist, in Moscow - 1994

Doing one of his T.V. shows in Moscow

Reporting from Stalingrad (left)
The Hermitage in Leningrad (right)

Inside the Kremlin walls. Napoleon's captured guns on the right.

Zundel's friends helping him to protect his house before a demonstration from a motley collection of his political enemies

Meeting Dr. Ingrid Rimland at an Institute for Historical Review conference in 1994.

Zündel-Haus arson - 1995 !

Tearing down what's left of the roof

Drying irreplaceable historical documents after 1995 arson

Zündel friends helping out - dirty, tired and worn out!

Undaunted, Zündel-supporters rebuilt the Zündel Headquarters

The struggle continues - one day to Victory!

Also see: Part 1 - Birth to 1960's | and Part 2 - 1960s to 1995

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