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April 30, 2003

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny: Now more than ever!

Again I am late with yesterday's ZGram - I'm sorry! The day is never long enough.

I am sending two ZGrams today that really belong together. FIRST, from literally hundreds of letters expressing support for Ernst Zundel, I select a few that I consider representative of the feelings and the tone expressed at the outrage of his illegal arrest.

The SECOND ZGram brings the results of an Internet Petition. Look at the demographic spread - in my opinion, THERE is the writing on the wall. Lots and lots of youngsters!

Tomorrow is another immigration hearing. There will be a brief demonstration by Zundel supporters. If you are up to it, please join. Instructions and directions are posted on the Zundelsite at www.zundelsite.org

Frankly and sadly, I don't expect too many people showing up with signs because from what I was told, yet another intimidation campaign was let loose. Nonetheless, here we are - we won't go away, nor will we give up.


Here are a few reader letters:


Mr. Denis Coderre. Canada's Immigration Minister.

Your Excellency:

I am writing to you to petition you the liberation of Mr. Ernst Zündel in the name of liberty and freedom of Speech.

Mr. Zündel has publicly been outspoken about issues and facts that concern public opinion and for this he has suffered vicious and criminal harassment and persecution from groups opposed to open discussion of ideas and facts.

Please do not add the Canadian government to the list of freedom oppressors. Free Ernst Zündel at once and grant him Canadian asylum. For this you will be highly regarded by history. Don't let the opposite happen.

Gabriel Valdes Mexico


Free Ernst Zündel. He is an exact and correct man. What he said or wrote on the alleged "Holocaust" of the Jews and on the alleged but impossible Nazi gas chambers is exact. And his behaviour has ever been that of a correct and law-abiding man in democratic countries.

Sincerely yours.

Professor Dr. Robert Faurisson, France


Dear Editor,

it is incomprehensible for the average Canadian citizen that our Immigration Department is spending taxpayers money to persecute a man like Ernst Zundel for having voiced unpopular opinions, declaring him a "security risk", while at the same time not taking any action to prevent the importation of the SARS-virus by the planeload, from countries where it has gone out of control. Has our government already accepted the coming economic and humanitarian disaster as inevitable?

Zundel will certainly haunt us for another reason: He was kidnapped from his residence in Tennessee and deported to Canada because of having missed a Visa appointment. Such treatment would have been unheard of before those freedom-restricting measures as the "Patriot Act" and the "Homeland Security Act" were applied south of the border.

But whereas Americans in increasing numbers reject these infringements on their freedom, by enacting opposing laws in various cities, Canada seems to follow in the footsteps of the US legislation.

This is why the Zundel case should be of concern to every freedom loving Canadian.

Chris Klein Canada


Dear Mr Coderre,

Ernst Zündel is not a threat to the security of Canada. He is a threat to the entire New World Order. So I fully understand why you keep him in jail in those dreadful conditions.

Loig Kervoas Brittany



I am quite disgusted by the treatment given Ernst Zundel by our government and yours. This is quite obviously a political persecution initiated by partisan pressure groups and reflects poorly on the integrity of both governments.

Please release this man immediately and return him to the United States.


Kurt Bechle USA


This is to register my outrage that an historian would be prosecuted/persecuted for his research.

Prof. (Ret.) Robert P. Kelso USA


Dear Sir:

RELEASE Ernst Zundel, a great man, and with him RELEASE FREEDOM of THOUGHT.

James von Brunn USA


Immigration Minister, Denis Coderre:

Dear Sir,

I am a 78 year old man who has had a lifelong interest in history. America (USA) and Canada have always been the shinning examples of decency and fairness to the individual's human rights.

That held true for me until the last few decades. However, many egregious acts have been committed against the people of both the USA and Canada that are reminiscent of a time when Kings and/or Dictators made the decisions as to what was to be the fate of "their" people!

Your "promise" to roust Ernst Zundel out of Canada and back to Germany, even before there was any kind of a "fair" examination of whether or not Zundel had committed ANY OFFENSE that is deserving of such action, is disappointing in the extreme and an embarrassment to the people of both of our countries.

Should you DO as you said you would do, I believe, HISTORY will REMEMBER YOU as the VILLAIN of the piece, as it were.

I, as millions of concerned people world wide, ask you to do the honorable thing and see to it that Ernst Zundel is treated with complete decency, fairness and JUSTICE of COSMIC stature. We shall ALL be judged on that level, eventually, make no mistake about that.

If you are faithful in this, HISTORY will treat you as a man of HONOR!

Jesse E. Baker, D.C. U.S.A


Yes, Minister, there are voters that can see things for what they are:

Homoulka (murderess): TV, jail comforts -


Zundel (crime: none): harsh maximum security solitary jail cell for 6 weeks, deprived from news, all without legal grounds.

Yes, for some voters the FACTS matter, not the verbal obfuscation of the facts. You are circumventing the immigration laws in order to ILLEGALLY punish speech and thought that the powers that (be) do not like.

Simple solution: Do the right thing. FREE ZUNDEL NOW!

Blago Simeonov CANADA


Dear Mr. Coderre:

One of the most underhanded and deceitful charges that can be hurled at anyone who tries to study the actual history of World War II is that he is a "Holocaust Denier." It immediately suggests that such a person is crazy. It further suggests that everything the Jewish lobby claims is, in fact, true, and never to be questioned. It is argument by extended proposition.

Absolutely none of the many scholarly historians known as "revisionists" denies that German leadership wanted to have Jews emigrate, or be transferred, or expelled out of Germany and probably out of Europe, preferably to Palestine or Madagascar.

They have looked for evidence of an order for "extermination," and found none.

They have looked for evidence of "gas chambers," and found none.

They have looked for "mass graves" or tons of ashes, and found none.

They have looked for a number something like six million, and they have found that there were probably around three million Jews in the total land area the Germans occupied at any time; and by 1948 there were about three million Jews signing up for pensions from the German post-war government.

Yes, the Germans were furious when they found that American Jews and British Jews had maneuvered America into the First World War as part of the deal to get Arthur Balfour to sign his "declaration." And they were furious that international Jewry, in 1933, placed a devastating embargo on Germany. And yes, they regarded Jews, rightly or wrongly, as parasitic and a threat to German culture.

Forty to fifty million people died in Europe during those sad times. At Arolsen in Germany, the International Red Cross has about 350,000 names of Jews who died, but most of them from diseases, old age, childbirth, or British and American air raids. I wouldn't bet a dollar that the number of Jewish dead was as high as one million.

Ernst Zundel, who has never broken a law in his life, should not be incarcerated. We should all seek as much truth as we can find.

May God help you and guide you in making the right decision.

Robert Gehl USA

Write to Canada's Immigration Minister and complain over the unfair treatment Ernst Zündel has received.

Immigration Minister Denis Coderre
House of Commons 
Parliament Buildings 
Ottawa, Ontario 
K1A 0A6

Telephone: (613) 995-6108

Fax: (613) 995-9755

Email: Coderre.D@parl.gc.ca


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