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Countdown to D-Day: Still trying to get an


April 3, 2004

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny

Because I did not get a reply from Mr. Jenkins to my numerous requests to get an appointment to see him and discuss my husband's situation with him, it occurred to me that maybe there is someone in his office who does not forward my letters and information to him. I find that hard to believe - extremely hard to believe! - but it is a possibility. As I already reported, several weeks ago, I did get one very formal, non-descript, short letter from Congressman Jenkins, saying that he is looking into our situation. But how, specifically?

A friend of ours, a former Congressman from the West Coast, has visited Congressman Jenkins's office twice on our behalf and reported back to me that Mr. Jenkins has met with officials of Immigration/Homeland Security, who told him the same stinking lies that were used when Ernst was arrested in the first place: that there was an immigration irregularity that permitted them to take this drastic step. He "missed an immigration meeting" and "overstayed his visa." For that, banned from the USA for 20 years!


I did not hear that information from Mr. Jenkins himself, and there has been no move on his part that I know of since our friend's visit to champion Ernst's cause and get it advanced toward freedom.

I also want to say that I have nothing personal against Mr. Jenkins. It is coincidence that he happens to be my representative, and that I live in the district that he represents. I realize that he is not the person with the power and clout to get Ernst released, but chances are he knows how it could be effected and could open some important doors for me.

I also realize the realities of getting re-elected - certainly Cynthia McKinney found out who it works - and I don't want to hurt this man. I have been told he is a former judge. From all the feedback I have gotten, he is nice, kind, sincere, responsible - at least in the eyes of those who have met him or followed his political career. But so far, he has ignored me completely except for that one non-committal letter a few weeks ago - and my husband was kidnapped on his watch and is still rotting in a Canadian jail in inhuman conditions, and something has got to be done!

I know that Congressman Jenkins has been misinformed about me, about Ernst, about Holocaust Revisionism, and about what this global struggle is really all about. He will find out, and it will be his decision what he will do with that information. I am quite prepared he may not allow me to stay in his office to proceed with my political hunger strike, and in that case, I have a fall-back plan worked out. Of course, he has a choice. He can short-circuit my hunger strike right at the beginning by granting me an interview and showing some good will by helping me to come up with a realistic plan to secure the freedom my husband deserves.

A friend from the South sent me this:

"Dear Ingrid, I faxed numerous "Free Ernst Zundel" faxes to Congressman Jenkins's office today and then I telephoned his Washington DC Office and asked a Jenkins aide why the Congressman was refusing to meet with you. The aide's name was Richard Vaughn and he assured me that the Congressman would meet with you anytime you liked and was always available to his constituents. Apparently the Fax campaign had an impact, or the aide was a liar, which is also a real possibility with these politicians. In any case, I wanted you to know what Congressman Jenkins's aide Richard Vaughn had to say."

I don't know who Richard Vaughn is - and if he is the person in charge of Congressman Jenkins's appointment calendar. If so, my telephone number is 865-774-7756, and this ZGram will be faxed to him in a few minutes. The name that was given to me about a week ago by a somewhat huffy lady in the Freeport office, when I called and asked for an appointment, sounded like "Lennard" or "Leonard." The number worked, but an answering machine jumped on. I left a message with my request. I have yet to receive a reply.

Stay tuned and spread the word that D-Day is approaching.


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