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Ingrid Zundel to speak via telephone on Current Issues Broadcasts

Aug 9, 2005


I have been asked to give an introduction to the Zundel Case via telephone on a popular Arab television show. The show itself will be two hours long - a first for this particular medium. I am particularly happy to do this for a cross-cultural media outlet since I have preached for years that Holocaust Revisionism needs to get out of its "European-only intellectual ghetto" and show how it is highly relevant to what happens in the Middle East.

Here are the specifics of this show, along with a description sent to me by a friend:

Current Issues Broadcasts live on Cox Cable System Channel 5 in Louisiana as well as live on the Internet every Thursday evening from 8-10 PM Central Standard Time.

Host: Hesham Tillawi, Ph.D.

Website: www.currentissues.tv (http://www.currentissues.tv/)

Date for the Zundel Show: August 18, 2005 - 8 p.m. Central Standard Time

Number for call-in guests: 1-337-232-4434 ext 207. (An answering service will come on, dial in the extension, 207, and Current Issues will pick up.)


Here is a description of this Public Access/Internet television show:


The program is an Internet Television program formatted around an interview, so it can be watched LIVE from anywhere in the world. It is also broadcast locally in Louisiana and northern Florida. There are currently great efforts being put forward to get this program on more Public Access stations. We just heard from a Canadian yesterday that the show had been broadcast in Vancouver BC on CPAC (See below letter).

You asked about the effectiveness of having a television program in which the host speaks with his guests over the telephone. It is too early to know for certain how effective it will be, but I can tell you that [Dr. Heshaw Tillawi's] audience is quickly growing and if the CPAC broadcast is any indication, it seems to be growing internationally.

As you know, if you gather together impressive guests and offer the public topics the mainstream media won't touch, as Dr. Tillawi has done, you are bound to get a following.

Tillawi interviewed Paul Findley last week, will interview Michael Collins Piper and James Ennes this week, you and others in respect to Ernst Zundel [on August 18] , Mordechai Vanunu on August 25, and Kevin MacDonald on September 1, 2005.

Traffic to the Current Issues internet site has boomed lately.

One thing Tillawi does do to enhance the "visual" experience during the program is to flash pictures of his guests on the screen. This seems to work quite well at present. No doubt he'd like to be able to afford to have guests "appear" on his program, but that just isn't feasible at this time. Perhaps one day.

All in all, I think the show has merit and a future. Of course DR. Tillawi has one definite advantage, he's Arab and thus can't be so easily labeled an "anti-Semite," and/or racist like others.

The show is two hours long, but is split in two so that he can have two guests/two topics. Yours will be at 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM CST. After the Zundel segment his guest will be Cindy Sheehan who has developed a very large following and has received much mainstream news coverage. I think this is great, because her friends and allies, people not traditionally associated with the right, will then become familiar with Ernst and what has happened to him.


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