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The Zundel Poll That Was

February 21, 2003

ZGram - Where Truth is Destiny: Now more than ever!

There is nothing definite to report on Ernst's situation in Canada. His newly retained attorney could not be present at a scheduled CSIS interrogation, and Ernst refused to answer without counsel present.

There was an immigration hearing, but the powers that be are very noisy and extremely polically correct, which leaves you to your own interpretation.

Ernst said that he will be in a border detention facility for at least another seven days. Beyond that, only the oracle knows.

I was busy all day getting our February newsletters out, so I could not follow the news in Canada. There was an interesting poll by CTV, asking for people to vote if Ernst ought to be allowed to stay in Canada or not.

I sent this to my list:

"There is a poll going on in Canada regarding Ernst's situation. This morning I checked, and the tally was 13% (for allowing him to stay ) and 83% against. Now it is creeping up to 17% for and 83% against."

I guess a few of you immediately sprang into action. The numbers below are not in chronological order, but they tell you how responsive the Internet is:


Now its up to 20% :-)



My vote has gone. 22%+ by now


I notice the "yea" vote is up to 22%.


Ingrid, I thought you might find the current number tally when I voted ironic...

Yes 224 votes (25 %)

No 666 vote s (75 %)


I just voted. It's up to 27% for now.


As of 2:05 p.m. the poll has inched upward:

Yes - 289 votes (29 %) No - 690 votes (71 %)


The Poll at 14:25 EST was up to 31% pro Ernst


This poll appears to have been pulled already. I couldn't find it anywhere..


They've obviously gotten the answer they wanted.... because they removed the poll or buried it.


I tried to vote and guess what? When you submit your vote re Ernst, a new page pops up informing you that you have voted for some Vancouver Sports question! Didn't think they would drop the poll that fast.....Hrumpf


A story that makes a neat point. For once, we were quicker than our adversaries. Usually they are the ones adept at flooding the polls. This time we beat them to it.

A weekend is coming up, and I just want to sleep. I would appreciate if some of you would save for me all the articles you can find about Ernst on the Net. I'll be in touch tomorrow.



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