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The Persecution of Ernst Zündel

 A chronology of events in the 2003 arrest of Ernst Zündel

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Mainstream Media Poodles Report

Im deutschen Bl�tterwald gibt's viele gehorsame Pudel!

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Media Archive surrounding Ernst Zündel's arrest and deportation to Canada

Ernst Zündel Defence Fund

Ernst Zundel - Prisoner of Conscience Series

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Inspirational song written for prisoner of conscience - Ernst Zündel

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"The martyrdom of Zundel will be of no profit to my peers of politics and finance: He has said all he had to say, and it is running all 
over the world."

R.D. Polacco de M�nasce
Docteur de l'universit� de Paris

August 10, 2003

Free Ernst Zundel Rally

June 22, 2003

Full Page Revisionist Ad
in the Wasington Times

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June 1, 2003

Protest in Toronto
- Free Ernst Zundel!

May 22, 2003

In Los Angeles and Seattle

Americans Demonstrate
For Zündel's Release

Ernst Zündel at
detention review hearing
- March 31, 2003

Ernst Zundel returns to Canada

"David against Goliath": Ernst Zündel, fighting the New World Order

Who is Ernst Zündel? Why is he loved by so many - and equally demonized and vilified by others? Get to know the one-man powerhouse Revisionist who has dedicated his life to clearing Germany of the blood libel of the "Holocaust".

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Revisionism 101: Basic Revisionism

Revisionism 201 for Holocaust Skeptics

"David against Goliath": Ernst Zündel, fighting the New World Order

"Lebensraum!": Ingrid Rimland, pioneering a True World Order

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