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December 8, 1999

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

And here we go again!

Wherever you look, wherever you turn, you see "Holocaust" issues writ large in this spiritual struggle for control of our planet.

* Britain:

A ZGram reader from England sent this:

The brainwashing goes on and on. Last night for no apparent reason Sky News decided to give us an hour long documentary about three elderly ex Sonderkommandos from Auschwitz telling us all about what they had seen and done.

Here are a couple of them.

"We where able to give one of our good friends a proper burial, when before putting him into the crematorium oven we cleaned it out especially for him so that we (could) pick out his bones and (put) them into a tin box for burial. We had just been told that over 1,500 Jews where being processed per day.

"I asked an SS officer why he was trying to line up three children. His reply was that he wanted to save bullets and was trying to shoot the three with one bullet."

We where told that the river Vistula is where the Germans dumped all the ashes from Auschwitz. But we had just seen them offering the Jewish prayer for the dead at a grave stone that was supposed to be over the site of the ashes.

Also we where told that computer generated pictures of the inside of a gas chamber was made from German plans. We also saw the hole in the top of a gas chamber that was covered with a very thick concrete slab that required two men to lift it.

* Germany

In a German town called Arnsburg, a regional court fined ten parents for refusing to let their children watch "Schindler's List" because they believed the film to be too violent.

* Lithuania

Lithuanians plan to make an official request to Israel to hand over a former Soviet security officer suspected of "genocide" against Lithuanians in 1944-47. Lithuanian investigators have documents showing that 84-year-old Semion Berkis-Burkov issued orders for dozens of Lithuanians to be killed or deported to Siberia when he was the head of the local office of the Soviet security force NKVD in Siaulenai, north Lithuania.

This was not the first time that Lithuanians decided it was tit for tat. Earlier this year, they had asked Israel to hand over another genocide suspect, Nachman Dushansky.

The Israelis sent the documents back with a request that they be translated into Hebrew.

* South Africa:

A South African professor wrote this:

(W)e have a weekly newspaper, The Afrikaner, which supports a nationalistic political party The Herstigte (Reconstituted) Nationalist Party (HNP) which is fighting the internationalists the last 30 years. (...)

Last week the South African Human Rights Commission with a report on Racism in the Media by a lady called Claudia Braude connected Die Afrikaner with racism because they carried a report on the myth of the 6 million. (...)

In South Africa the state is also talking about Hate Laws to become part of the legal system and this might only be the beginning. Jews have a disproportional representive (?) in the ANC/COMMUNIST Party pact which controls the so-called New South Africa as part of the new world order. Both Mandela and M'beki are supporters of the new world order. . .

* Bulgaria

Bulgarians unveiled a monument to victims of Communism last week, nearly 10 years after the former Soviet ally rejected the Marxist system. The names of 7,526 persons killed during the communist regime are engraved on a black marble memorial wall, situated in a downtown park. Hundreds of grieving relatives of the victims lit candles and laid flowers at the monument. The victims memorialized on the wall include many political opponents of communism executed after September 1944, when Bulgaria's communists seized power in this tiny Balkan country.

* Poland

Monika Scislowska, an Associated Press journalist, reports that a regional court decided not to punish a history professor for publishing a book that questioned aspects of the Holocaust.

The author in question is Dariusz Ratajczak, 37, who, in his book "include(d) an assertion that gas chambers at Nazi death camps were intended to kill lice on prisoners." The author also "halved" the supposed number of victims to 3 million, ". . . not 6 million as almost all historians say, and that the Nazis had no uniform plan to exterminate Jews."

Additionally, the author calls testimony from Holocaust eyewitnesses "useless" and describes researchers of Nazi crimes as "followers of the religion of Holocaust" who impose on others "a false image of the past."

The court in a town called Opole, 190 miles southwest of Warsaw, "confirmed that Ratajczak supported revisionist views about the Holocaust in the book, "Dangerous Themes." However, because the title had limited distribution, the court held that it was not "damaging enough to warrant punishment under a Polish statute outlawing the public denial of Nazi and communist-era crimes." Had Ratajczak been convicted, he would have faced up to three years in prison.

Polish officials and Jewish leaders, naturally, were indignant over the ruling. Ratajczak, for his part, argued that he had merely summarized opinions of historians who deny the Holocaust. "Historical revisionism is a historical and social fact,'' Ratajczak said.

* Germany:

Under Erich Honecker, long the leader of East Germany, a police state of 17 million, there were 95,000 full-time Stasi agents, more than double the number of Gestapo agents in Nazi Germany for a population four times bigger.

"Applications to see Stasi files are rising sharply and now run at 15,000 a month from individuals," said Johannes Legner, a senior official at the government body that oversees the 6 million files.

More than 300,000 people are waiting to see their files, and the wait is generally at least two years from the time an application is filed.

Like many people in Germany, and in other post-Communist states in Central and Eastern Europe, Hinze, 54, a retired teacher, has recently read his Stasi file. An Associated Press release reports that

". . . the 100 pages have left him stunned, perplexed. Who informed on him? Why such detail? How could he live in such a society?"

"These are questions," the AP release goes on to say, "that haunt millions of Europeans even a decade after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Indeed, in Germany at least, the tide of questioning is rising."


Thought for the Day, courtesy of cyber-activist Slade, writing to a Holocaust Believer:

"You cannot say MY concern with the "Holocaust" is a "morbid obsession." I will post any bond you care to name, that if the Holocaust lobby quits stealing my tax money for Holocaust Museums; teaching my children guilt over the Holocaust; coercing money out of banks, insurance companies and others over the holocaust; publishing 3 out of 5 headlines about the holocaust; pushing government sponsored university courses about the holocaust; shutting down free speech all over the world in the name of the one true holocaust doctrine; fining and imprisoning people who say the WRONG things about the holocaust (e.g., five years prison in Israel); fire-bombing and bankrupting people with legal bills over the holocaust; using the holocaust as a lever of guilt to pry billions in foreign and military aid out of the US treasury; banning and burning books and imprisoning booksellers over the holocaust--

--Then I, too, will never mention the subject again."

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