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The "Holocaust": History or Dogma?

The U.S. government has recognized and subsidized the State of Israel for more than 50 years. According to an article in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, October 1996. p. 44, America has spent more than $5 billion in one year alone in direct and indirect aid. That is almost 13.5 million a day - 365 days a year!


Because the "Holocaust" is claimed to have been a factual historical occurrence, commonly called "genocide" targeting Jews, and thus entitling Israel to special consideration and protection among nations.

For half a century, hundreds of billions of US dollars in money and technology, in overt and covert aid of various forms, have been transferred to Israel from U.S. government and private sources since the founding of Israel. According to an article by Donald Neff (Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Jan-Feb. 1997, p. 74) :

". . . the (US) aid program to Israel has amounted to the largest voluntary transfer of wealth and technology in history, far more than all American aid given to rehabilitate Western Europe under the Marshall Plan after World War II."


Because of massive, systematic, repetitive media hype of World War II atrocity propaganda, familiar to the Western world, which claims the following:

  • The Jews living in Europe prior to WW II were innocent and loyal citizens of the nations in which they lived -
  • Without cause, Hitler and the Germans hated them and made them scapegoats for Germany's problems -
  • Hitler and the National Socialists designed a systematic and institutionalized program to exterminate all the Jews in the world, beginning with German-occupied Europe -
  • Homicidal gas chambers were built and used by the Germans specifically for this purpose -
  • Six million Jews and five million non-Jews were exterminated, mainly by gassing, and their bodies were completely consumed in large crematory facilities and outdoor cremation pits and ovens, to dispose of the "evidence of genocide."

True or false, the "Holocaust" story has had, and continues to have, big historical, political and financial ramifications. After the war, it was used to marshal popular support for establishing the state of Israel, and to turn the German people in the minds of many Americans into a nation of genocidal maniacs - see sweeping accusations by Theodore Kaufman, Steven Spielberg, Daniel Goldhagen, Elie Wiesel etc. - and to this day the "Holocaust" story is used to lend moral and political legitimacy to Israel, permitting the U.S. Congress to vote huge taxpayer-funded subsidies (outright grants as well as interest and loan guarantees) to the State of Israel to the tune of at least $13.5 million a day - 365 days a year!

This in addition to private subsidies, Israel bonds, and donations to all kinds of organizations with tax deductible status!

Enter a small but determined movement of scholars all over the world engaged in the study and revision of history. Revisionists' research asserts:

"To accept without doubt, to accuse without trustworthy evidence, to intimidate without proof, to lie without punishment, to censor with impunity was unthinkable in the Western democracies in ages past.

"In the case of the "Holocaust", the numbers of victims are wildly inflated, the method of killing is forensically disproved, the "murder weapon" is missing, and the tales of the "witnesses" are scientifically and historically unverifiable.

"Nevertheless, in spite of revisionist research by competent scientists and scholars of the West who have risked all that is possible in life to risk for the sake of ascertaining historical truth, self-serving fictionalizing about the "Holocaust" proceeds untouched by facts in the popular press and electronic media, in the movie industry, in academia - and even in the public schools as early as kindergarten!


"Because by now the "Holocaust" is treated not only just as "history" but as a Jewish doctrine, a temporal religion. To question the new dogma makes one a heretic, subject to savage persecution and often prosecution. Does America need a new, temporal religion described as a Holocaust "Cult of the Dead"? What does such a cult do to our children's mental health? To future generations? What will such a dogma do to the cherished First Amendment and the American tradition of separation of church and state and freedom of and from state-imposed religion?

"The prospectus of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum states it is 'an educational institution dedicated to teaching historical facts of The Holocaust.' This is a lie - only indoctrination takes place there, at taxpayers' expense! No educating can ever be done where there is no comparison or choice or dissent - and where no alternate point of view is allowed or made available.

"Who is powerful enough to dictate in these closing years of the Twentieth Century what shall be heard or not heard, spoken or not spoken, written or not written? Certainly not the average citizens of the United States with little access to the media - and who merely, like sheep, are forced to ask for a bleating of equal time.

"The 'Holocaust' must be examined, and questions must be asked. The imposition of a quasi historical religious dogma by stealth via guilt for something alleged to have happened that fears the light of scrutiny is not acceptable to conscientious and decent Americans - including Jews. Not at the tail end of the Twentieth Century!

"It is not necessary to hate a person who has committed a crime. It is only necessary to restrain him legally from committing additional crimes and to bring him to the bars of justice for past crimes. It is not necessary to hate all Jews to stop the abuses of a handful of self-serving Zionists, here and abroad, who have a stake in the continuation and exploitation of a myth for their purposes."

Thanks to Revisionist research spanning half a century, millions of people all over the world are now asking: What, exactly, was the "Holocaust"? What is so unique about the alleged "facts" of that part of history that massive censorship and persecution must be unleashed to stop thinking people from asking probing questions?

The "Holocaust" must be investigated as thoroughly and as independently as Ken Starr's office investigated the allegations against President Clinton. The options before us are simple:

  • If the Holocaust is history, it must be open to investigation.
  • If the Holocaust is a religious dogma, it has no place in public schools and does not deserve to be promoted and upheld as part of the curriculum by taxpayers' money.


Were an independent, in-depth investigation done, the resultant public hearings by Congress and the Senate would shed new light on many outrageous, insupportable claims of the "Holocaust" Promoters and Enforcers. Such an investigation might reveal the subversive activities and the very real but never admitted political goals for which the "Holocaust" is used - and of the actions of the Israeli Lobby in the United States, shielded from criticism by the "Holocaust".

The results of such an unbiased investigation would be to create better understanding among diverse ethnic groups, including German-Americans comprising an estimated 60 million people, a healing of old wounds among former enemies, and an end to World War II atrocity propaganda.

Let's get to the bottom of this controversy! The time is right! The issue is right! The goal is right! Let us, after more than half a century, finally separate fact from fiction in this all-pervasive emotional story!

It has been claimed that Kenneth Starr's office spent $40 million to challenge the man in the White House - since no one is above the law. The Holocaust Enforcers are not above the law! As stated at the outset, think: $13.5 million a day! Were it revealed by a long overdue investigation that many "Holocaust" claims are, in fact, fraudulent, no sympathy or guilt money would be paid in the future as a result.

  • In less than 3 days, such an office would pay for itself!
  • In years to come, taxpayers would save billions and billions of dollars!