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Holocaust Museum

2 August 1994

John R. MacArthur
Harper's Magazine
666 Broadway New York NY 10012-2317

Dear Mr. MacArthur:

I read your article on the "Selling of the Holocaust Museum" in the Toronto Globe & Mail, July 22, 1994.

Your opinions on the propriety of the Holocaust Museum fund-raising efforts seem plausible enough, but I was astonished as an ardent Holocaust scholar of some 25 years standing to see your reference to "a systematic extermination campaign by the German Nazis against just one people, the Jews".

Of course, the Gassing of Six Million is the cornerstone of the Holocaust legend, but even a superficial examination of the evidence, including the plethora of "survivors", shows clearly that the alleged mass murder did not take place, by gassing or any other means.

The media in Canada, especially the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.), have repeated the Six Million story many times, and on a number of occasions I have asked that the story, if true, be authenticated. Until now the CBC have not complied, even though, according to its proponents, the Holocaust is the "most documented" event of our times. I wrote to the CBC January 20, 1993 more or less wrapping up our correspondence, and enclose a copy of my letter. On page 4 of the letter I suggest that the public interest would be best served through opening the subject to public debate in which case truth would surely triumph over falsehood. To date I have received no reply.

Although I have very good reason as a veteran to believe that World War II was a worthy cause, as an objective observer I find it most difficult to avoid the conclusion that it was anything but, and that we were hoodwinked into declaring war on the wrong enemy. I have expressed this sentiment in several letters to the local media (see attached) but without response. It is almost enough to raise suspicions that the media might not be as independent on the subject as they would have us believe.


Ian Macdonald