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Auschwitz Statistics

In your article on the convent at Auschwitz (Sept. 20, 1989) you state that the "Nazi Holocaust. . . killed six million (Jews)" and that "of the four million people killed at Auschwitz, two and a half million were Jews".

Can you substantiate these figures and the claim that the victims were killed deliberately? If not, would it be too much to ask that you follow normal journalistic practice and prefix each such reference by the word "alleged" or "purported"?

You would do your readers an additional service by pointing out that the entire Holocaust thesis (planned genocide of the Jews by the Germans) is disputed by revisionist historians who argue convincingly that the story was a hoax perpetrated on the public by Zionists to win sympathy and support for the State of Israel. Recently the revisionist case was strengthened by the publication of scientific evidence (Leuchter Report) that the inner walls of the alleged "gas chambers" had never been exposed to hydrogen cyanide gas, with the exception of a small chamber used for delousing clothes.

Whether or not the Holocaust was a hoax, it is becoming clear, thanks to the courageous efforts of Tolstoy, Irving, Bacque and other independent writers, that the Allies themselves have much to answer for, not least of all the moral and material support which they provided to Stalin, much of which was used to subjugate his own people and to extend his cruel regime throughout Eastern Europe.


Ian Macdonald

September 20, 1989