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For those who would like to be de-toxified of Holocaust propaganda posing as "history", there is help! A respectable body of research exists, compiled by Revisionists all over the world for decades, that offers an alternative view of history.

Below are some of the classical Revisionist articles and books. You will not faint or turn into a frog if you inspect them with an open mind -

Basic Revisionist Articles

(Some of these articles were placed in 1996 in response to the Cyberwar

unleashed on the Zundelsite by the Zionist censors in Germany)

The Holocaust: History or Dogma?

Holocaust Revisionism in a Nutshell

 The Holocaust Controversy: A Case for Open Debate

Auschwitz: Myth and Facts

Different Views on the Holocaust

 The Holocaust Memorial Museum: A Costly and Dangerous Mistake

Inside the Auschwitz Gas Chambers

A Revisionist Challenge to the US Holocaust Museum

The Natural Sciences and Technology under National Socialism

Nuremberg: The Crime That Will Not Die

"Jewish Soap"

The "Liberation of the Camps": Facts vs. Lies

The Big Lie

What is Holocaust Denial?

After Fifty Years, German-Bashing Must Stop!

The German State - A Creature of the Allies

Question to UNESCO on the subject of Auschwitz

A Few Facts About the Institute for Historical Review

Censoring the Net - Disguised as "Fighting Terrorism"

Appeal of 100: Freedom of Expression is in Danger

Censorship on the Internet: How it will happen (Editorial on the CODOH censorship)

I Have Faith in You, America!

Declaration of Independence in Cyberspace

Just Who Controls the Internet?

Bradley Smith's CODOH Website Shut Down!

Hans Schmidt Arrest: Unpleasant Impact on Travelers to Germany

A Personal Response to the Goldhagen Book

How High Is The Number Of The Jewish Victims? - Holocaust Denial in 1946!

The Price They Paid

Could Hitler Have Avoided Confrontation with Jews?

The Real Legacy of FDR

Zundelsite Dedication to Reinhold Elstner

66 Questions and Answers on the Holocaust

A Victory for the Revisionists (by Dr. Robert Faurisson)

Just who is Dr. Faurisson?

The Cones of Doom

"Are YOU a Holocaust Denier?"

The Leuchter Documentary