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 Please note:  These series of disclaimers were written and posted as early as 1996 when Ingrid Rimland first reported on the Zundel controversy from the Zundelsite:  )


The Zundelsite:

Protected by the U.S. Constitution

and widely recognized state and global human rights conventions, as summarized below:

After a 10 year legal battle against special interest groups - commonly known as the "Holocaust Lobby" attempting to stifle public debate on the Holocaust - the Supreme Court of Canada granted Ernst Zündel on 27 August 1992 the right to speak and publish his own opinion, ". . . even if the majority regards it to be wrong or false."

As an American citizen protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution, I believe that all content on my website regarding Ernst Zündel's activism is likewise protected by the Supreme Court of Canada decision against the world-wide Holocaust Lobby who will try to strangle democratic discourse on the Holocaust and other matters.

For an excerpt of this landmark decision granting all Canadians free speech and freedom from coercion, please click on Zündel Case - Supreme Court Summary

For a full, meticulously referenced text detailing every nuance of this historic battle, please click on "Did Six Million Really Die?"

I further believe that Artikel 19 of the United Nations Charter on Human Rights encourages us to inform ourselves and others across state lines and frontiers by all means possible when abuses, wrongdoings and criminal acts occur. The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights reads as follows:

"Everyone has the right of freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinion without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

Additionally, I refer the reader of the Zundelsite to an April 1995 Human Rights Watch/Helsinki publication entitled "Germany for Germans," in which this independent, highly respected international watchdog organization sides clearly with free speech and freedom of association and assembly principles and condemns repressive German legislation.

For an excerpt of this publication, please click on "Human Rights Watch / Helsinki".

Finally, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, then First Lady of the United States of America, expressed strong support on behalf of Freedom of Speech. I count on the fundamental axium she proclaims.

Ingrid Rimland Zündel, Ed.D.