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Early Zundelsite Columnists - mostly 1995-1996

Eric Blair - Ian Macdonald - the Barnes Review

Eric Blair's specialty is a series of "snapshots" by his "candid camera" of revisionists and revisionism at work worldwide - little telltale snapshots of how the "Holocaust" is used to grease the wheels of policies that run counter to the interests and well-being of the Euro-Christian majority.  His motto is: "What sort of truth is it that needs protection?"

All posts are editorials and, as such, opinions of the author

Eric's Album -

Table of Contents

Snapshot # 1 - Franjo Tudjman: A Revisionist's Recidivism

Snapshot # 2 - He Who Defines, Controls: A Glance
at Media In Recent Weeks

Snapshot # 3 - Backlash: A Telltale Sign

Snapshot # 4 - The Fountainhead

Snapshot # 5 - Tales of Vengeance

Snapshot # 6 - General Arieh Biro: Old Wounds

Snapshot # 7 - The Beauty of Our Capitalist System

Snapshot # 8 - The Sublime as the Ridiculous


Ian Macdonald is a brilliant former career diplomat to Beirut, now living in retirement in Canada. His pithy "Politically Incorrect Letter Campaign" to various Canadian media sources (letters all summarily rejected. . . ) prove a rich treasure trove for the Zundelsite by default.

All editorial content is strictly the author's opinion.

Ian's Corner

Table of Contents

Exaggerated Commitments

Anti-German Hate Propaganda

Why Not Sanctions?

Who Are The Terrorists?

World War II: The Real Issue

Old Propaganda vs. Current Reality

Holocaust Museum

Fotheringham's Folly

The Battle for Truth in History

Choosing Sides

Sponsored Immigrant Defaults

Substantiating the Claim

Israeli Discrimination

Editorial Misfeasance


Journalistic Integrity

"By Way of Deception"

Anti-German Propaganda

"Designer of Flag"

Editorial Dilemma

Jewish Wartime Losses

Ethnic Germans

Munich Olympics - Globe and Mail Vindicated!

Canada's Racial Future

Fate of Hungary's Jews

Neglected Aboriginals

"Unacceptable in Canada"

Freedom of Expression vs Sikh Sensibilities

Auschwitz Statistics

•   "Other Losses" vs Jewish Losses

Holocaust Statistics

Solving the Chinese Refugee Problem

Solving the Palestine Problem

Long-time Transients

The Battle for Truth in History


The Barnes Review - Editorials - 1996

January - The Bright World of Tomorrow: What World War II
Won for Us -

February 1996 - The First Law -

March - Different Trees, Sprung from Different Soil -

April  - Lessons Tragically Repeated in South Africa -

May - Historical Revisionism, Populism and Monkeys -


July - Violence Heading Our Way? -

August - The Goldhagen Tour de Farce: Racial Guilt -

September - Those Courageous Americans Who Fought
for America First -