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Articles and Commentary - 2006

A Visit in Prison with Ernst Zündel

A recent Zundel Letter

Ushering another International Holocaust Conference in Argentina!!!

At the Iranian Holocaust Conference: Dr. Faurisson at his best!

Bizarro Heresy Zundel Trial: Judge orders five (!) policemen to prevent eight-year-old
from shaking Ernst's hand!

My Holocaust Problems - A Primer for Beginners!

Update on the Zundel Case

Important update - Report about the Zundel Hearing October 4, 2006

Important Revisionist News

A Zundel letter on guerrilla warfare

A superbly written essay by Mark Green

•  The Letter We Are Not Supposed to Read (Full Text of Pres. Ahmadinejad's Letter
to German Chancellor)

  Ten key questions for Israeli Zionist: From an Argentine citizen...

Deir Yassin Remembered Video available

The Haverbeck Defense

Sylvia Stolz, "a German Joan of Ark", charged with "Holocaust Denial"

Additional Court Summary and Zundel Commentary

Summary of Zundel Holocaust Heresy Hearings July 20-21, 2006

Letter out of Mannheim Prison: Ernst Zundel's Take on German Soccer

Important comprehensive update of the Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial

Zundel Letter from Mannheim Prison

Extremely important "Der Spiegel" interview

Brief summary of today's hearing in the Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial

A Zundel Letter out of Mannheim Prison to Dr. Robert Faurisson

Letter from the Iranian President to President Bush

Ingrid Rimland declines "safe conduct" invitation by German court

Update on the Mannheim Holocaust Heresy Trial / April 26, 2006

Holocaust Enforcer News Update

Safe Conduct?" for Ingrid Zundel to testify in Germany

Spaniard Revisionist, Pedro Varela, arrested

Update on the Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial - and some reflections
on historical sea changes

Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial - Breaking story ... - Sylvia Stolz
Removed from Court

 "Some US prisons are no better than Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay"

Important Bulletin in English and German! Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial
to continue 5 April!

Thin Ice: Kevin Strom ADV Interview with Mark Weber - David Irving,
Ernst Zundel, and 'Holocaust Denial' Laws

Ernst Zundel commenting on media coverage

Important: Update on the Zundel Saga

Brief update on the imprisoned Revisionists in Europe

Update on the Holocaust Heresy Trial

An Open Letter to Judge Meinerzhagen on the Eve of the Zundel Heresy Trial

It is telling that the Cartoon counter-attack is against the Holocaust, the West's
new religion, and not against Christianity!

The Taboo Quality of the Holocaust

Egyptian Parliament refuses to observe "holocaust"

Tehran gives world leaders a history lesson they'd rather forget

How Argentina evaluates the Holocaust Industry

Press action: Let Ernst Zundel and David Irving Go Home

Avoiding the Trap

A Zundel letter from the German Gulag