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1. Introduction to "Another Voice of Freedom."
This is the introductory program of the "Voice of Freedom" series outlining what kind of alternative information about historical events we will provide our viewers.

2. Street Politics in Canada
This program illustrates the terror tactics used by the organized leftists, anarchists, Maoist and assorted anti-racist activists, and their attempts to have the police and Attorney General stop our work. It shows violent demonstrations against the "Voice of Freedom" headquarters.

3. Political Realities in Canada and Germany.
This program shows the activities of immigrant-Marxist groups in Toronto as pawns in a campaign of censorship by the B'nai B'rith and other leftists. In addition, the situation in Germany is shown by means of films made by our own news-gathering team during so-called "Neo-Nazi" rallies, which are really political demonstrations of young people against the disastrous policies of the current vassal regime in Bonn.

4. Ernst Zündel Interviews Doug Christie about Freedom of Speech.
Here is an interview with the famous Canadian Civil and Human Rights lawyer about the "State of Freedom of Speech" in Canada and some of his most famous cases, including the Zündel Trials.

5. Ernst Zündel and David Cole investigate Auschwitz.
This unique, sensational film shows Ernst Zündel, moderator and host of the "Voice of Freedom" program, making a tour of Auschwitz Concentration Camp with David Cole, the young Revisionist researcher of Jewish origin. David Cole points out all the fakes, fallacies and reconstructions of this theme park of anti-German hate in Poland.

6. Rudolf Hess: His Story - and marches in his honor.
This film shows the annual marches by many thousands of German people on the anniversary of the day of the mysterious death of Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler's deputy and closest friend. Here is unusual, original footage never before seen on television. Colorful. Gripping. Lots of flags and white faces, as young Europe honors the "Messenger of Peace."

7. Ernst Zündel interviews Holocaust Revisionist Carlos Porter.
Carlos Porter is an American author and political commentator living in exile, who has written numerous articles and research papers on the subject of the Holocaust. The title of his book is "Holocaust: Made in Russia." This is a very interesting, revealing tape.

8. Short bibliography of David Irving's stance on the Holocaust.
David Irving, a British historian, gives his reasons for his views of the Holocaust topic. Ernst Zündel recounts how he met David Irving, and how Irving came to change his mind and became a witness in the second Zündel Trial. Gripping. Eye-opening. Revealing.

9. Ernst Zündel interviews Professor Robert O'Driscoll about Celts.
University of Toronto Professor O'Driscoll, one of the leading authorities on the Celtic civilization and author of many controversial books, is interviewed on this tape. Exciting and informative.

10. Ernst Zündel interviews Dr. Russell Barton regarding his experience in Bergen-Belsen.
Dr. Russell Barton, British-born psychologist, gives his first-hand account of what he found at Bergen-Belsen as part of a British medical team in 1945. Dr. Barton was a defense witness during the first Zündel Trial and was extensively quoted in the publication "Did Six Million Really Die?"

11. Ernst Zündel interviews Gary Botting about "Culture Myth" and the Holocaust.
Here is a wide-ranging interview with Zündel witness, Dr. Gary Botting, literature professor and now lawyer, about his run-in with authorities for trying to teach two sides of the Holocaust. Dr. Botting's father lies buried at Bergen-Belsen. A terrific tape!

12. Ernst Zündel interviews Doug Collins about being a POW and about Freedom and Immigration.
Doug Collins, famous British war hero, successfully escaped from a German Prisoner-of-War camp during WW II. Since the war, he has been one of the most famous and controversial journalists, working for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and others. This interview was done during the Great Holocaust Trial of 1985.

13. Ernst Zündel interviews Ewald Althans about political activism in Germany.
Ewald Althans, now incarcerated in Germany for "denying the Holocaust," was known as one of the leading figures of Germany's newly emerging nationalist movement. He was frequently featured on German and international TV, most notably in the controversial film: "Beruf: Neo-Nazi." (Profession: Neo-Nazi.)

14. Ernst Zündel interviews Yvonne and René Schleiter about Revisionism in France.
This is an interview with two of France's most active Revisionists, Yvonne and René Schleiter, the former being the sister of Dr. Robert Faurisson. She is as meticulous in verifying facts as her famous Revisionist brother.

15. Kirk Lyons interviews Fred Leuchter about involvement in Revisionism.
This most famous interview is between Fred Leuchter and his lawyer Kirk Lyons. It is the best exposé of why Fred Leuchter, America's foremost gas chamber expert, no longer believes that the Germans gassed millions of Jews in the Auschwitz "gas chambers" shown to tourists today. In 1993 Leuchter was arrested in Germany for expressing this viewpoint.

16. Ernst Zündel's 1993 year-end wrap-up program about what was accomplished.
A "State of the Nation" or "State of the Cause" program.

17. "Heldengedenktag" - Veteran's Day. (Taped in 1988 at German war graves in Canada.)
This is a moving tribute to German soldiers who lie buried in the Kitchener (formerly Berlin) cemetery in Ontario. The ceremony is interrupted by a Bonn vassal diplomat who introduces a controversial note over the graves of these fallen Germans. Lots of flags of many nations. Ernst Zündel creates a moment of reconciliation with former enemies and concludes with a graveyard interview with Canadian reporters.

18. "Schindler and Spielberg."
Ernst Zündel comments on the "Schindler-Spielberg" anti-German propaganda film and points out the many inconsistencies in Schindler's story. This is a real eye-opener!

19. Ernst Zündel interviews David McCalden.
In this tape, a still youthful Ernst Zündel comes to you from the archives and produces a rare interview with the late David McCalden, founder and brain behind the "Institute for Historical Review" in California. The talk is about the early, heady days of Revisionism.

20. Ernst Zündel interviews Jewish supporter Professor Dommergue.
Professor Dommergue, a famous Jewish philosopher and Holocaust skeptic from France, formerly of the Sorbonne, is being interviewed on location in his home in the heart of France. Some stations found this tape too "anti-Jewish."

21. Anti-German books and more on "Schindler's List."
Ernst Zündel spends an entire program quoting from stacks of anti-German, pro-Holocaust books, illustrating the contradictions between alleged eye-witnesses.

22. Ernst Zündel interviews Ewald Althans about the controversy surrounding "Beruf: Neo-Nazi."
This tape was filmed partly at Auschwitz and partly in Toronto. Ernst Zündel and Ewald Althans appear as the main characters in the film, shown in cinemas and on television in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Japan.

23. Ernst Zündel's reply to "60 Minutes."
In this tape, Ernst Zündel replies to the butchered, highly censored 100 minute Wallace-Zündel interview, of which the famous "60 Minutes" program aired only a very distorted 3 minutes and 57 second segment. If you saw this North America-wide broadcast TV program, you owe it to yourself to hear Zündel's explanation and rebuttal. You will be shocked at how the regular mainstream media lies and distorts!

24. Ernst Zündel interviews H. P. Rullman about Yugoslavia.
Famous former "Spiegel" journalist, H. P. Rullman, predicts the collapse and disintegration of the former multi-ethnic state of Yugoslavia. This prophetic program was filmed almost a decade ago., An amazing tape in view of what has happened since then!

25. The Holocaust - Fact versus Fiction.
Ernst Zündel compares some of the wild, outrageous claims about the Holocaust with cool, hard facts. Informative!

26. Professor Robert Faurisson discusses Revisionism.
The world's #1 Revisionist discusses the where's and why's of Revisionism. This tape is a real eye-opener! You will learn a great deal in a very short time from a scholar who is a walking encyclopedia of historical facts and figures.

27. Anti-German comic books.
This is a shocking program, with lots of rare footage about the vicious anti-German hatred contained in hundreds of millions of comic comic books spanning several generations. This is an absolute must for parents of young children who want to prevent them from being brainwashed in anti-German hatred.

28. The Murder of Rudolf Hess.
Wolf-Rüdiger Hess, the only son of Rudolf Hess, tragic prisoner of peace who died in his 90's under mysterious circumstances in Spandau, explains his father's life and what he says was his father's murder at the hands of an Allied Killer Commando.

29. An interview with Jürgen Rieger.
Ernst Zündel's German defense lawyer for some 15 years explains the lack of freedom and the oppressive, biased, politicized justice system in Germany. A rare interview in English.

30. Ernst Zündel interviews Waco survivor Annetta Richards.
A Negro woman and nurse who survived the Waco assault tells of happenings inside the compound.

31. Ernst Zündel interviews Udo Walendy.
One of the Zündel expert witnesses in both of the Great Holocaust Trials, Udo Walendy is interviewed here about his research and findings.

32. Ernst Zündel interviews Michael Hoffman.
An investigative journalist, Hoffman comments on his observations during the first 1985 Zündel Trial, which led to his writing the book, "The Great Holocaust Trial." (Now available in its third edition.)

33. Michael Hoffman talks about White Slavery in America.
Here is a discussion of a controversial book, "They Where White, and They Were Slaves," and about his life and research into the dismal situation of white working people in early America. All of the videos above have been broadcast previously under the "Another Voice of Freedom" Programs. Now available for sale to the public at reduced prices.

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