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Established in 1995, the Zundelsite was the first website that triggered a global cyberwar in its battle for Freedom of Speech.  An early Mission Statement read as follows:

Original Mission Statement

Zundelsite documents will chip away at a World War II propaganda monstrosity - the so-called "Holocaust".  Zundelsite web pages will prove in many different ways - statistically, forensically, and logically - that it is historically inaccurate, emotionally misleading and cruelly unfair to claim the "Holocaust" took place in the form portrayed by conventional media.

The Zundelsite has as its mission the rehabilitation of the honor and reputation of the German nation and people. Specifically, the Zundelsite challenges the traditional version of the "Holocaust" - an Allied propaganda tool concocted during World War II - that is not based on historical fact but is a cleverly used ploy to keep the German wartime generation and their descendants in perpetual political, emotional, spiritual and financial bondage.

The forensic evidence and editorial comments placed on the pages of the Zundelsite do not argue that atrocities did not happen during World War II on all sides, or that some Jews caught up in the maelstrom of the largest war in history unfortunately died. When 75 million men on both sides are put into uniforms, trained with guns and bombs and given orders to kill each other, atrocities are bound to happen.

Atrocities happened on both sides to soldiers and civilians.  Many, many people died - of all nationalities.  Millions died during the war, and many more millions died after all shooting had long stopped.

The Zündelsite challenges three specific, commonly accepted, monstrous lies pertaining to the "Holocaust":

• That there ever was a Führer order for the genocidal killings of Jews, Gypsies and others

• That the chief murder weapon or instrument for the alleged mass killing, called a "gas chamber," was designed for the express purpose of targeting groups of human beings and that

• The numbers of victims claimed to have been killed are anywhere near the number of people who actually died in concentration camps of whatever cause - including lack of food, lack of shelter and medicines, epidemics and old age.

• It bears repeating:
  1) Adolf Hitler never gave an order to eradicate the Jews;
  2) there were no homicidal gas chambers in any German concentration camps set up specifically to kill human beings;
  3) not nearly as many Jews died or were killed as a result of German policies as is now widely and ever more viciously claimed.

Jews were a vocal small minority in a global struggle involving many nationalities. It is deceptive to portray them as prime "victims" of a non-existent German genocidal policy.

To claim that World War II was fought by the Germans, as the Holocaust Lobby incessantly claims, to kill off the Jews as a group, is a deliberately planned systematic deception amounting to financial, political, emotional and spiritual extortion. The "Holocaust," first sold as a tragedy, has over time deteriorated into a racket cloaked in the tenets of a new State religion. It is high time to subject the "Holocaust" to public scrutiny - like any other historical issue.

The Zündelsite will do just that.

The Zündelsite is dedicated to the sacred belief held by all independent people everywhere that a truly democratic society does not need to fear, suppress and persecute an alternate view of history, culture, race, religion or politics. If it does, it is no longer democratic. If it does, an alert citizenry will know and act accordingly to circumvent suppression.

The Zundelsite is seen by many as the cyber flagship of several revisionist websites constructed by conscientious human rights activists and supported by freedom-loving people all over the world.

We believe that the First Amendment of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the United States of America as well as Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms - especially Section 2 b - guarantees us these democratic rights and freedoms - Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought and, most importantly, Freedom to Inform across all boundaries and unimpeded by nefarious might and special interest lobby groups.

In truly democratic societies, a citizen is duty-bound to inform himself and others of a threat to the public welfare and to act in defense of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is what we are doing.

We believe in truth, freedom, fairness and justice for all - not just for the privileged, politically correct and well-connected wealthy few.

We also believe that Article 19 of the United Nations Charter on Human Rights encourages us to inform ourselves and others across state lines and frontiers by all means possible when abuses, wrongdoings and criminal acts occur.

The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights reads as follows:

"Everyone has the right of freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinion without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."


Updated Mission Statement

In the post-9/11 era with its history of numerous “false flags”, the so-called “Holocaust” has been widely exposed - thanks to intrepid revisionist research  - as yet another “false flag” operation concocted by self-serving minorities for political and monetary gain.  The orthodox Hollywood version of the “Holocaust” bears no relationship whatever to whatactually  happened.

Not a single person ever died by gassing in any German concentration camp!  Science does not lie, not even for the “Nazis”!

Today, informed citizens of practically every country on earth, including many heads of state, now recognize the so-called “Holocaust” to be a Weapon of Mass Deception that serves the interests of Israel – it is a temporal religion that merely masquerades as “history.”

We consider the research phase of this self-serving swindle as having been concluded to reasonable people’s satisfaction.

Today, the Zundelsite serves as an archival repository only,  documenting yet another phase of the enduring, age-old struggle for Freedom of Speech – this time in cyberspace.