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Reparations paid to Jews
and Israel

So far Germany has paid over DM 120,000,000,000 in reparations.

And the number is increasing:

In March 1952, just days before the negotiations with Germany began, Yohanan Bader said: "Suppose they pay you for six million Jews, but when the reparations period is over, . . . where will you get six million more Jews so that you can get more money?" ... Haim Landau called out in Yiddish to Shmuel Dayan (Mapei): A glik hot unz getrofen (lucky us!) six million Jews were murdered and we can get some money."

Page 222 - Seventh Million

Index of Zundelsite documents on the Holocaust Racket

Quotes on the Reparation Racket from famous books

"...Adenauer noted in his memoirs that he knew better than to underestimate the ability of ìJewish banking circlesî to bring his country harm. [German-Jewish leader] Goldmann, a tireless dissembler, exploited his image as one of ìthe elders of Zion,î sometimes to the point of making threats bordering on extortion..."


Q&A #22 ""How does the Holocaust benefit Israel?"

"Quite simply: No brainwash cycle - no Holocaust. No Holocaust - no Reparations or Guilt money. No money - chances are, no Israel!" .... "Add to that the reparations already paid by Germany - more than $120 billion Deutsche Mark, and no end yet in sight! - and you can see how valuable a tool the Holocaust has become to Israel."


Mark Webers testimony at the 1988 Great Holocaust Trial Trial of Ernst Zundel

"The reparations being paid out by the West German government today, said Weber, were paid out by people who were either not born or were just small children during the Hitler era. Yet they were being held responsible for what happened during that time. Thus, the German people were held as a people to be guilty for what happened during the war."


Robert Faurisson testimony at the 1988 Great Holocaust Trial of Ernst Zundel

"He [Nahum Goldmann] dictated his conditions to Adenauer in 1950. He obtained DM 80 billion; that is 10 to 14 times more than the sum he first expected. He says, "Without the German reparations (...) the state of Israel would not have the half of its present infrastructure (1978); every train in Israel is German, the ships are German, as well as electricity, a big part of industry...without mentioning the individual pensions paid to the survivors (...). In certain years, the amount of the money that Israel received from Germany would exceed the total amount of money collected from international Jewry - multiplying it by two or three times."


Nuremberg: The Crime That Will Not Die by Ernst Zundel

"Let's see now how it all began--and evolved!--this matter of the "Nuremberg Trials" resulting in such guilt and such enormous sums of reparations squeezed out of a defeated country, Germany over the last 50 years."


Holocaust 101 - Part C

"Jacob Robinson was, in fact, a cunning East European Jewish shyster with a diabolical plan and agenda. He was the inventor/creator of the "revolutionary concept" of the idea of the Nuremberg Trial for Germany's leaders and the German Reparations scheme."


[Press Release] "Holocaust Blackmail and Holocaust Terrorism"

"Zündel has warned since 1981 that, when dealing with Holocaust survivor claims, ". . . industries and even banks and governments are dealing with a ghetto gangster mentality hiding behind pin-striped suits, taxpayer-supported 'Tolerance Centres', 'Shoah Shrines' and phony charitable organizations."


Zundel "Another Voice of Freedom" Audio Catalog - 1996

(These audios are currently not available.)


Zundel launches this, the first of a six-part series by introducing a book from which he proposes to quote extensively, Nicholas Balabkins' West German Reparations to Israel. This book spells out, as Zundel puts it, 'why the Germans were allowed to live.' According to Balabkins, the Morgenthau Plan, drawn up by Henry Morgenthau actually prolonged the fighting war in Europe by over a year, because of the horrendous conditions to which Germany would be subjected after the Allied victory. One observer called the plan 'the crudest reparation scheme malevolent planning could devise.' It called for the complete destruction of the country's metallurgical, chemical and electrical industries within six months after the war. Germany was to be 'agriculturalized' -- a policy effectively condemning millions of Germans to death by starvation. Bellicose Germans, it was stated, must be made so impotent that they will never again be able to wage war. In reality, this was simply a candy-coated scheme of the Americans' military industrial complex to eliminate pesky competition in world markets. However, had the Morgenthau Plan been enacted, individual Jews -- and the State of Israel -- would have been unable to collect the over 100-billion dollars in reparations paid to date by Germany since 1945.

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Although the draconian Morgenthau Plan was never implemented, it was still winner-take-all following the cessation of hostilities in 1945. Even patents and trade secrets were literally stolen by the victors. Germany's industrial base was demolished, leaving the economy in chaos. The ripples were felt throughout Europe as trade deficits soared. Keeping Germany in economic chains meant keeping Europe in rags, a situation which benefited only the Soviets with their eye on expanding into Western Europe. To counter the threat from 'the Evil Empire,' the American Congress passed a large scale assistance program, the Marshall Plan. However, as Zundel points out, if the factories had been left intact and not been destroyed, Germany would not have needed the Marshall Plan! Yet, ironically, Zundel notes, Germany may be the only nation in history to fully repay all loans -- with interest. But kindness and generosity had little to do with the rebuilding program. While adherents to the rejected Morgenthau Plan were driven by hatred and a thirst for vengeance, more pragmatic minds prevailed, realizing that economics rule. The Jews wanted reparations, so a crippled Germany was not to their advantage. Under the Treaty of Luxembourg, these reparations are to be paid to beyond the year 2000. To date, over four million claims have been submitted, with a settlement rate of over 99.9%. Over 56 billion Deutschmarks have been paid out -- with no end in sight!

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To claim or not to claim; that was the moral dilemma facing Jews at the close of World War Two. Not everyone favored accepting reparations. A young Menachim Begin was said to have stormed into the Knesset shortly after the establishment of the State of Israel, where he seized the microphone and shouted that he did not want 'blood money from the Germans.' Later, however, when he had gained political prominence, he was quite happy to accept billions. Quoting from Balabkins' book, Zundel provides detailed documentation showing how Dr. Chaim Weitzman's original demand for 8-billion Deutschmarks in reparations and indemnifications was parlayed into a 105-billion bonanza. But, not satisfied with money alone, the World Jewish Congress, as part of a five-point declaration, demanded 'legislation against anti-Semitism' and 're-education of German youth.' As he partially itemizes a list of material turned over to the Jewish state by Germany, it becomes clear why Zundel refers to Israel as 'a German miracle in the desert.'

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While still recovering from the havoc of the war Germany certainly felt the devastating effects of this economic drain, as it sent this 'manna from heaven' to the new Jewish State, but the cultural impact of unceasing anti-German propaganda should be of no less a concern. In this segment, Zundel takes exception to the fact that in spite of the massive restitution payments made to individual Jews and the State of Israel alike, for events -- real and imagined -- that happened half a century ago, anti-German films and literature -- like the odious Schindler's List -- is still being pumped out at an ever-increasing rate.

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Quoting from a document promulgated by the World Jewish Congress, which in essence dictates how Germans are to think, act and conduct their daily lives, Zundel explains how this proclamation personally affected him. Because he dared to question the authenticity of World War Two history as decreed by what has now become the 'law of the land,' his passport was seized by what Zundel calls the 'quisling government' of West Germany. According to the German prosecutors, this action against Zundel was taken because he refused to subscribe to the subservience demanded of all German citizens by the World Jewish Congress. Because he questioned the culpability of Germans for all the misdeeds of the war, he was singled out for persecution. A statement in the written judgment against Zundel reveals the mindset of the authorities, when they state that the chief reason for the Bonn Regime's existence, was to 'do penance to the Jews.' Discussing the media's role in perpetuating the negative stereotyping of Germans, Zundel protests television's portrayal of Germans as 'stupid, repulsive and arrogant' in series like Hogan's Heroes and Combat. Even if no malice was intended, Zundel contends, the effects of such constant bombardment may be cumulative, reinforcing a detrimental image of the German people as a whole.

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Before the end of the Second World War, there was no legal basis in international law to oblige Germany to pay reparations to a state that didn't yet legally exist. It took extraordinary innovations in international statutes to make such a plan palatable to the world's judicial community. Even so, some -- such as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, who referred to the Nuremberg Trials as a 'high-grade lynching party' -- balked at the extreme measures proposed. Tremendous pressure was exerted by powerful and influential Jews. Both the Nuremberg Trials, and the massive German reparations scheme were Jewish ideas, spawned by the mighty World Jewish Congress. Although he protested, Germany's first postwar leader, Konrad Adenauer, was coerced into breaking his own country's constitution to go along with this blueprint for extortion. Zundel concludes this six-part series with an admonition to high-handed Jewish leaders that enough is enough. 'Even nice Germans,' he cautions, 'can only take so much.'

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