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  Ernst Zundel, Political Prisoner of Conscience, has now spent a full four months in prison - allegedly for having violated a very minor immigration technicality - he is supposed to have missed an immigration interview and overstayed his visa. For that, he has been banned from coming back to the United States for 20 (!) years! [see whole story]

There is not a person alive who has followed the Zundel Saga, who buys such blatant nonsense. Ernst Zundel is in prison, plainly, because the Holocaust Lobby wants him there! His enemies are hoping that they can break his spirit!

Write him a postcard and tell him that the Zundel struggle is your struggle. Tell him good people love Ernst Zundel because good people love the truth - and he stands for the truth. Tell him he will not be forgotten - that thousands are supporting him today and millions will tomorrow as this horror story of talmudic abuse and vengeance gets known across the world!

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